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And What Time Did You Wake Up Today???

Well, hello everyone just wondered what sort of time everyone was in the land of the living today????

I initially came downstairs at 6.40, made myself a mug of green tea and took my dogs back upstairs with me. I put a rug on the bottom of the bed and they love to sleep on that with me.

I had an appointment to have my eyes tested at 11.55. I put my mug down and went back to sleep..........

Then I opened my eyes and reached for my watch.... !!.50 oh no mobile phone 11.53, so I got onto opticians and grovelled I could not believe that I had slept all that time and as ai wrie this I am yawning!!!!

Hugs x x x x x

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Today i got myself awake at 9....... falling asleep on and off all morning so didnt get out till 11 and came home at 5 exhausted really want to sleep but every time i try to drop off for a few ticks the brain says noooooooo and i know im in for a bad nite yet again getting used to sleep pattern or should i say lack off. cant concentrate on tv reading or anything else



up about 9. did a little gardening but it started raining, good excuse to stop went in sat down gess what fell asleep. afternoon excitment tesco's with hubby if he's on his own even with list still gets it wrong, still only been married nearley 38yrs lol soft hugs .


I get up with my Son every morning but always go back to bed. He works shifts so his times vary. This morning I was up at 6am went back to bed at 6.30am but set my alarm to wake me at 9am struggled a bit but got up. Yesterday I really struggled and it was 11.30am !!!


i have not slept for 3 nights so today when my husband got up at 9, he brought me up a cup of tea, but my eyes were all over the place,, was like a wee baby trying to focus when wakening up lol... i have managed to stay awake so hope i sleep tonight... so if u all do.. sweet dreams x


i went to bed at 5ish this morn and woke up at bloody 07.19am and been awake ever since,im so tired but cant sleep.i am in pain but not as much as i have been lately.its now 11.36pm and im going to bed soon and if i manage to sleep i can bet that i`ll be up bout 4ish....dont we just lv our lifes..NOT!!! fm me :) xx


hi i got uip at 4.45 am and was awake allday and went to bed at 11.15 pm and then was still awake at 1.30 am got up for loo at 3,34 am an up again before 5 am so lucky you sleeping like that but it is goo for your body to repair itself hopefully you will be wide awake today and full of beans love to you diddle x


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