I have fibro, raynauds, a twisted hip and the beginnings of arthritis is my knees, I am 19 years old and live in west yorkshire. Anyone no of any companys in this area that are good with taking on people with disabilities as at the minute I work full time in a busy kitchen who dont understand the pain im In alot of the time and the job leaves my body in pieces. Thought maybe someone on here has any ideas? Worth a try :)

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  • Have you thought of working from home? This is so much more rewarding, especially when you have flare ups. However you do have to be disciplined.

  • Yes but im not sure where allowes u to work from home. Ive been looking for a ne jw kon for a while but have not come across any where you are able to work at home x

  • New job*

  • What area are you in? We have members from all over the UK and the world! :)

    This information on Work & Fibro may be of use:

  • I am in West Yorkshire xx

  • Funnily enough I emailed Morrison s yesterday to ask them if they have any jobs suitable for disabled people and that I'd like to aim at getting back to work in the next year.We have a massive new store opening in Bedford this summer and it's only about 10 minutes scooter drive away from me!

  • Hope you are successful :) xx

  • That's a lot to put up with at 19 years of age - well done for being so determined!

    I don't know your area, but you could put your CV online, something like 'CV Trumpet' and hope you get replies.

    Also, national chains like John Lewis Partnership, M&S and Boots all have a good record with disabled employees, so you might want to write to their HR departments with your CV and ask them to help you. I gather that they are all looking to improve their profiles with regard to employing people with disability issues.

    You could even write to Sir Alan Sugar and say 'What about giving me a job, mate?' You've nothing to lose, and it's the sort of thing he would probably like to explore! (fame at last, eh?)

    Best of luck and every good wish in your job search. :)

    Moffy x

  • Thank you for your advice I will deffinatly be printing a few cvs off :) and uploading a few too xx

  • If you are looking on the job centre website, any company that is (supposedly!) good with disabilities will have the Two Ticks sign- who's tag line is 'positive about disability' or something like that. As others have said you're better gonna for big national companies as they will have policies around this kind of thing. I work for the NHS and they are one that does the two ticks scheme, and I have to say in my current role they have been very supportive, allowing me to work from home etc, but I guess this does depend on your role and how good your boss is- I'm lucky to have a very very good and understanding boss, but I know other people in the NHS haven't had a good experience. Good luck x

  • I have actually been looking to work with the NHS myself. Maybe as payroll etc but every low impact role requires previous experience. I have my own house etc so can not afford to do an apprentaship as the wage is so low "/ xx

  • Hello Phoenix, I was interested in reading your message that your boss is understanding and letting you work from home and you work for the NHS! I had to go through a Tribunal hearing in March this year as my Manager didn't understand or care that I had Fibro and Disability issues even the union were not supportive so I lost my job in the NHS!! Aisha....x

  • It might be worth contacting Remploy to see if they can help. I know they work with the job centres to try and place disabled people on jobseekers allowance. Tjey might be able to help so you don't have to get to the point where you're having to claim jobseekers. Good luck x

  • Thank you :)i shall look uo remloy in the morning ( I should say afternoon) just got home from my current job and I feel like death. Last shift until tuesday though :F x

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