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im not having any feed back from the site

Hi there I dont seem to be getting any feedback from this site since it was shut down yesterday morning, havent recieved any emails telling me that people have asked questions ect, can some one please email and tell me where i am going wrong, or what has happened I have reread my profile ect and it is still ticked from me as a request for emails when someone has written on here, thankyou for your help, am missing my chats

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No sure cookie hopefully one of volunteers will help ya .not sure what it could be but i have received stuff from site since shut down .


thank you ehlers for your reply, can't understand what has happened or who to go too, ive been on this site for some weeks now, and cant understand what has happened or where to go for help, or would it be best if i signed in again as someone else, but dont feel that woud be right, i was hoping grumpy might be able to help me, I really miss talking and helping and listening to others gentle hugs to you Dee x


Unfortunately the site didnt shut down to technical difficulties . some people are not receiving their email notifications and some are unaffected HU have promised to sort this out as soon as possible and hopefully we will get our update as well

VG x


ok thanx for that grumpy thought it might be my end, will patiently wait till they return, I must just remember to come on site and look, mind you that might be quicker than going thru each email, mind you in all over the place at the moment some mindless persob stole my handbag when i was in matalan and then returned it to the desk mius my purse and phone, so of course had to go thru all the rigmaroll of informing orange and the bank ect, well my daughter did, she was with me, theres other personel thiungs in that purse like photos of grandchildren ect, still no good going over it all the time, whats happened has happened, just hope he or she gets there comeuppence, what goes around comes around, the way grumpy did you manage to sort those multivits out !! Dee x


Not left the house yet but saw them advertised on TV tonight so have pointed them out to OH to have a look when he leaves work tomorrow and to check ... I have him well trained in searching out additives .... It's amazing how only having one toilet motivates him :D


So sorry about your purse and phone ... I am crafty I have my phone in one Pocket my purse in another and my cash in another I don't carry a handbag,unless I am strip searched my stuff Is safe

Vg full of good tips .... Too late :(


It seems during this period of change that some notifications have been affected as we expect the launch of the new platform from HealthUnlocked. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Hello Cookie,

To receive notifications, you may need to go into your account by clicking on your picture between Communities & Support, the drop down menu says Email Preferences. Please try going there to change the settings to receive the notifications required.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Emma :)


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