My cervical ribs

Well I think I may have figured out a cause for my chronic headaches, limited neck movement and pain. I read my cervical (neck) X-ray and was diagnosed with degenerative disease, along with having 2 extra cervical ribs. I am not sure why my doctor didn't say anything to me about this. I had just happened to ask the office for a copy. Now I am wondering if I should continue to explore this, as it may have an impact on my disability decision. I know that the cause is congenital and common in 1 in 500 people. Is it to late for me to add this to my application? Should I go see another doctor? Please help

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  • Not sure about how you would add a new diagnosis to an application already in the system, but our own Benefits Adviser could give you some idea I am sure.....Have a good day!!!

  • I am sure if you contact DWP I am presuming that it is PIP and explain the circumstances they will let you either send in this additional information or take it along to assessment. I know they can mark things on your records so the assessor knows about it, eg in my case that I was going to record the interview. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I have actually found the people I spoke toon their advice lines once I have got through extremely helpful and nice. Good luck.x

  • HJi there- when is you disability decision up for review? Could you say what your application was for? Have you got full PIP with mobility?

    Maybe speak to our Janet in benefits help

  • I would ring the DWP, tell them you have just found this out and you feel it is important enough to be taken in consideration and see what they say.

    If they want you to send it off to them, make sure you take copies.


  • I'm going to see another doctor and ask him to order up more tests. I Wile up this morning feeling the worst head pressure along with weekness in my arms and hands. So an MRI would be a good idea along with a nerve conduction test. I feel worst today.

  • Hi my friend

    I agree with you as seeing another doctor and having a look at this issue about neckache and headache being related is quite feasible. Many of us suffer with tension in the neck and get headaches. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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