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48 hours without tears

Just thought all my new found friends should know gone 48 hours without crying cant believe it. Its been months since gone a day without breaking down over something silly.

Read the blog about Watchdog will look on their sight I been for my review but appealed but they have come back that they are looking into it again before they send appeal through. Its just stress and we dont need it. Hope watchdog take it up.

Have a good day in this beautiful sunshine


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Glad you're feeling a bit betterand enjoying the sunshine, Merlinmac - you can weep for me, now, 'cos where I am it's pelting down with rain and thundering and lightning blue murder!

Actually, I find violent storms quite exciting, so as long as it clears up for tomorrow, i shall be very happy :)

Best wishes with your appeal - don't let it stress you, just keep persisting 'til you get what you're entitled to, and you will win in the end!

Moffy x


Hi ladymoth

Sorry about storm maybe once over sun come

out its lovely here in Peak District.

Dont worry thats one thing I wont drop. Have you

seen watchdog blogg going to have a look.

Thanks for kind words

Gentle Hugs



Lovely to hear merlin . I was in tears when I stumbled across this forum.... Now I am still in tears but its laughter now :)


Hey very grumpy

I like that response it makes me feel sooooooo much better.

Thanks for sharing and caring

Merlinmac sat reading in sun.



I really wish I could cry and get it out of my system that way, I try to do the thing's I have always done and end up screaming with temper because I am unable to do the thing's I want to do.

I feel really sorry for my husband but I just can't control my temper. Yesterday we had friends coming to visit .I felt the need to clean .as much as I could,having hovered through and dusted and put the steam cleaner over the kitchen floor, I got undressed and did the shower properly . then did the rest of the bathroom in my house coat .I looked out of the bedroom window to see him sitting in the sun. I was really upset by this and told him as much when he came in .I said you know I am not well and you couldn't even put the hover on .His reply was he was sick of hearing about me not being well. !!!! The day before we went to do some shopping ,he said you will have to drive I have a pain in my groin.I just wanted to scream I have pain 24/7 .What a selfish man he is.


I just woke up. Cant believe what you just told me. One I could not do what you have done I have a cleaner who comes once a week. My husband is so wonderful he really looks after me. My cleaner means so much to us both think I would go without food before I would not have her coming. Obviously he thinks because you can do these things you not in pain. Slow down a bit and ask him to help you.

I dont know what else to say as I am so lucky.

Just had another bad night and IBS playing up now tummy pain not the best start to the day but the sun out again.

Did you enjoy your friends coming round?

Sorry cannot be of anymore help.



Good to hear you being more cheerful Merlinmac!


It nearly killed me I was absolutely wet through with sweat it was dripping down my neck ,and my head was pounding I had to take two cocodamol that is why I lost my temper he just can't get his head round the fact I need help ..


Sorry had a few visitors in between foggy head.

So sorry when I am so lucky. Perhaps you could get

someone to explain the place you are.

Gentle Hugs Merlinmac


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