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How do you deal with a flare up without increasing your meds?

Just recently there has been a lot going on. There have been changes at work and I have been told that the job I have been doing for over 10 years is something I am not suitable for anymore. Boy did that hurt! I still have a job so that's not so bad.

We have decided to move to a bungalow so we obviously need to sell our house. Just minutes before the estate agent was due to value it I got a message to say my brother had taken an overdose of sleeping pills, strong painkillers and antidepressants. Glad to say he is ok and finally getting help to deal with his PTSD and bipolar.

As a result of all this stress (there's more but it's too boring) I've been having massive flare ups every day. I can feel the pain coming on me and can do nothing.

My question is this. I know flare ups are bound to happen. I'm on 300mg Pregabalin daily. I don't want to bother the doctor every time I get a flare up as most of the time the Pregabalin works ok. I take ibuprofen and paracetamol so I'm well and truly dosed up, not a state I want to be in. Any suggestions lovely people? I'm allergic to codeine.

Thanks xxx

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Lots of self forgiveness cause the illness will dictate if you over do it . I have thoughts in my day of the things I would like to do and believe me it just cant be done like I used to. or I will flare more. Believe me I have lots of relationship stress and as much as this can keep me going too I have to know when to stop and then maybe you can manage yours too. So hope so everyday is so difficult , I know this but you got to take care or you wont be any good for anyone.


by the way lots of gentle nice things and hugs and stuff :))))))))))))


Maybe during this very difficult time go back to your GP they maybe able to give advice and help. If I am having a bad flare up and can't increase my meds (I'm on a 20mg butrans patch plus cymbalta) I do breathing exercises and meditation this really helps. You need to take a little me time just to be kind to yourself. Gentle hugs xx


Hi I think me time is terribly important. Even if it is just and afternoon nap when the house is quiet, this will relax you and encourage you to feel better - give it a go- dont feel guilty you are in-titled to you time!. It is always a good idea to go see your GP let him know how you are faring when times are difficult. Otherwise he wont know what is going on!

Do you have any close friends you can chat to about your brother? It is so true a friend in need is a friend in deed. We of course are always here for you to chat too. :) xgins


Hi Deebee17,

I think that it is what you do in between flares which can help to reduce the symptoms of the flare. There is lots of information on the internet about pacing, graded exercise therapy and relaxation techniques. Many people talk about the 'Boom & Bust' or 'Push & Crash' cycle as explained in this thread below,


Also as people say taking time to relax everyday and take time for yourself to de-stress is important too. Having outside support like this community & support groups where you can talk to others living with Fibromyalgia for empathy & understanding.

If you do not know if there is a support group near you, here's the list from the FibroAction website,

I hope this helps

Best Wishes

Emma :)


I find having a lovely warm bath good - with lavender candle burning, lavender body wash and Tisserand lavender massage oil to moisturise myself after. I try to have an hour to myself soaking in there every day. Also agree with comment about pacing. With fibro we can't do what we did before. Need to limit activities even on good days. I'm not so good at this hence also in flare up right now but I will get out of it with rest, relaxation and gentle exercise.


Massages are nice and research shows they reduce pain by 38% on average - well who knows, you might be better than average, so worth trying. Also nice if you have a place nearby where you can go and sit in a jacuzzi or warm spa.

I do meditation - which is amazing, sometimes I start off with hoirrble pain and finish without any pain, it doesn't work every time. Also I use my TENS machine for sore spots and also for urgency that I get because of Interstitial Cystits.

Also I use hot and cold packs on painful spots, trigger point massage can also help with specific pains (see the book by Clare Davies, The Trigger Point Therapy workbook).

And its a funny thing, but if I get my husband to kiss the parts that hurt, they do feel better, Maybe he just has a magic kiss but I don't think it is entirely pyschological, I think this funny disease does respond to love and hugs, maybe because you relax the muscle and it helps with the pain. So lots of love and cyber hugs to you x


Hi so sorry for all the trouble you are going through and as we all know it does affect us and we get flares. I find the only way I get over one is by sitting in my big recliner chair with a coffee with brandy in. I think you just have to go with it. Its out body saying slow down tkae your time and rest. May be I an wrong but it helps me. Hope you come through it quickly and take very good care.

Bye for now Love A xxx


Thanks for all your suggestions and comments. I think the one thing I don't do is have me time. That's one lesson learnt. I'm off to find me a big chair and some brandy. Gentle hugs to all x


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