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Rash on back of knee and arms

Hello all

I have a rash that appears on my arms and behind my knees. I am not on any new meds, not changed washpowder, soap etc. Doctor did give me steroid cream which seem to help but now they are back. They only seen to rich when I get hot. I don't think that it is heat rash I have had this before. I am a veggie so I wondered if it could be lack of iron

Any ideas any one

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Hi Patrisha,

This sounds like flexural eczema, in which case the steroid cream will help, but the rash will tend to recur.

The main thing is to keep your skin well-moisturised, and to avoid contact with irritating chemicals.

You could try buying 1% hydrocortisone cream from the chemist, and just use it sparingly if the rash appears. If that doesn't work, then it's back to the doc for a stronger steroid cream.

I find that baby lotions and creams applied regularly to damp skin after shower or bath keeps my skin moist and prevents outbreaks of eczema, which I have had frequently in the past, but I still occasionally need the steroid cream.

I doubt that lack of iron would affect your skin in this way, but for the sake of your general health it might be best to ask your GP if you need an iron supplement.

Hope this helps.

Moffy x


Dark green leafy vegetables are a good source of iron. Do you not already add this sort of thing to yor diet .

My brother was always prone to this sort of rash/exzcema and was always made worse by stress.

As Moffy has said keep areas moisturised. my brother was told that long term use of steroid creams could make the problem worse or even cause other problems, so lower dosage f steroid as possible.

I was really shocked to read the packaging from a steroid cream that I was given by the GP for a quick fix to heal up an area of soreness to ensure that you didn't get it near your eyes. ( it was for my face) it said that it could cause glaucoma and potential blindness. it all so easy to forget and rub your eyes, it's just an instant reflex for us to do, but after reading the paperwork in the box, I was extra careful.

If the rash doesn't go I would go back to the GP as you may need it to be examined properly most probably by a dermatologist xx


Hi Patrisha, I've found a high dose evening primrose oil supplement very helpful in keeping eczema in check. I read about it years ago and ran it by my GP who admitted they sometimes prescribed it for babies with eczema and agreed to prescribe me a trial dose to see if it helped. I buy it myself now and try to stock up when there's a deal on in supermarket, Boots or Holland & Barrett. It's a good idea to keep your skin moisturised but safest to go for creams and lotions without parabens as they can sometimes aggravate the eczema. Body shop do a good range. I use Songbird Bee Balm (available mail-order from their website) as soon as I feel the tell-tale prickle and as often as not it stops it flaring. Loose cotton or linen clothing is preferable to manmade fibres as they help keep the skin cool and allow it to breathe. Hope these tips help. I'm sure other members on the site will have their own tips as well. x


It's worth asking your GP if any further tests could help.


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