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Hi all. I had my WCA at Atos five weeks ago. I have seen a copy of the report so I know that the decision is not going to be in my favour. (see my other posts). However, I have been in contact with my local CAB and also my local MP all who wish to help me in an appeal. But we cannot move forward until we receive the Decision Maker final letter from the DWP. I have been researching like mad on the internet to see if I could find anywhere, what the timescale is to have that. Does anyone on here know what is the expected time to wait from the Assessment at Atos to the Decision Maker sending the final decision. I am incredible anxious to get my appeal started now, this being in Limbo is causing me untold problems. I am in the middle of the worse flare up I have ever had and have been suffering with terrible migraines for three weeks now. My GP has put me on beta blockers to try and calm me down (not working). Any thoughts lovely people would be gratefully received.


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  • Hi colleen, (hope you don't mind me shorting your name) I'm afraid I can't help you as I had my information through within 2 weeks, why don't you phone and ask what the hold up is, good luck smiles and hugs xx

  • Thats fine Tess my name is Colleen 'Callinan' was my surname. I may have to resort to ringing them this week if I dont get a reply by friday morning. I hope that you got a favourable decision when you received yours. x

  • I would give them a ring and find out. I believe that you can also ask for the decision to be reconsidered over the phone if it's not in your favour but I'm not 100% sure about that so check.

    My husband has just filled out his ESA form and the concentration required for it has meant that he is now getting migraines virtually all the time.

    Good luck with your appeal.


  • My husband had his WCA last July but didn't receive the decision letter until the October! We started the appeal right away & the Tribunal was March (which he won) then 2 months later he received another ESA50 to fill in - not really heard anything more about it.

  • Thanks Karen Im giving it till Friday when my partner is coming over for the weekend and then we can call them, it will be interesting if I can do the reconsideration request over the phone. I have just come back from the Doctors this evening. He has doubled my dose of beta blockers in the hope of getting rid of this terrible migraine. I am (no pun intended) going out of my mind with the pain and that on top of all the muscle pains Im getting with the Fibro on top. I cant take strong painkillers because they cause me sickness and stomach pains so Im just trying to cope on over the counter stuff. Plus the GP is concerned because I am on so much different medications at the moment. Lima that is interesting and how outrageous to be left in limbo all that time, you must have both when worried sick with it. We have decided that if I win my appeal and then they try a few months later to start the whole process again that I am going for their are not respecting my Human Rights and are endangering my health and wellbeing with their harrassment of me. Something I have seen has been mentioned and I have seen a few people have indeed chosed to go down this route. I also saw a letter today by a lady who had her Assessment taken by apparently a 'District Nurse'. She decided to look up the assessor on the BMC and could not find any record of her on then. I am going to research a little bit for myself about the physiotherapist who took my assessment and what exactly are her qualifications to do so.

    Please anyone who has any further advice, information or experience to show I would be very grateful. Thank you lovely girls. xxx

  • I had that happen to me, won my appeal in Dec10 (awarded 18 points) then got another ESA50 around May11. Didn't think about complaining just got the lady at CAb who helped with my appeal to help completing it. WCA resulted in Nil points again so now appealing again the basis of which is how can I go from 18 to 0 n less than 6 months with a degenerative illness (I had got worse in the months between 1st WCA May 10 and appeal). Have my tribunal next week but if I am fortunate to win again fully expect another ESA50 to drop through my door next May, such fun xx

  • hi i was in the same boat, i was put in the work group, i sent a leter asking them to reconsider my forms with a leter from my carer and my daughter.....i didnt hear anything for 3 wks, i then foned them as i was in a flare up and not sleeping worrying about the decision....i foned them explaind that it was making me ill. they rang me back, and made the decision over the fone. yes i went into the surport group i would ring and explain that its making you ill with worry and can they quicken up the decision please...i hope you get the news you want , good luck, take care. ginge

  • Wow thats a result, well done Ginge x

  • You're scaring me ... I have my WCA coming up soon. Does nobody ever get a positive decision without undue trouble??

  • I had my re-asses and went to tribunal 0 points on both counts , it was terrible. My daughter came with me and I think it quite upset her. The only Questions they were asking really were can you walk at all and can you sit in a chair for an hour. I said I couldn't because of the muscle twitch and the spasm and cramps......they asked me the same question in different ways over and over again. Even using my visit to my mothers (who is in her eighties and very sick) whether I sat in a chair, because I had at some time mentioned that I went there every day for an hour. In the end they got me so worked up and stressed to a point that I would have admitted to a crime !!!! I just started feeling panic coming on and needed to get out. I got my result within about 10 days and after 15 yrs of help scored....Yep you guessed it 0 points...................................This system is a scam if you ask me..............can't see how anyone would be eligable......Now I have just got the new forms and hoping to get some CAB advice this time because my head just cannot take much more..........end of rant

  • my wife got the WCA 6 weeks ago. today she received a phone call from DWP - she was told that she scored 0 points and that they are sending the decision right now. logically you should expect yours in the similar time this or next week (if you are 5 weeks after the WCA).

    Now we are waiting for the letter to appeal like you :)

    wish you all the best

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