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Beyond Angry

Really not happy ATM, I have just had an email to say my mobile bill has been declined by bank. I was somewhat confused by this so checked online banking. DLA hasn't been paid this month, I rang them to be told it has been suspended while they make a decision on renewal. They haven't even contacted me to tell me by post. So now I am skint and have a bank charge to come as well

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have you just reapplied or are you going to tribunal?


I reapplied at start of march, they then wrote to my gp, and thn decided I needed to have a visit to the house which wasn't until last week.


Beyond angry, not surprised there Deb.

Don't these bozo's realise they are playing with people's lives.

Being notified surely would be a routine procedure.

Apparently not.

Get on to these people ASAP!!

Something that happens in a brewery?

Yep that's the one!!!

Bibi xx


When I put in for one of the benefits they got my name all mucked up. My surname as my Christian name and my middle name as my surname. As I have been on benefits for a good 10 years I was surprised and now have my doubts about them. Nothing surprises me now.


Best part is, the dr who came to see me was reluctant to carry on doing the physical side of examination as he could see it was hurting me too much. Have spoke to my bank they are going to waive the charges.


I've been in a similar situation. When I spoke to my bank, they agreed to cancel charges, cancelled direct debits 'til it was sorted. Oh and let the companies know as well. Worth a try (i'm with The Co-Op).Also, whoever you speak to at your bank, explain what DLA is, they might be more understanding. Good luck. xx


Well don't put up with a similar situation

Strike out now.

People that are not well through no fault of their own deserve a bit of


I am on a bit of a rant today so take no notice if you want to. LOL!!

And don't think things are going to get better as the day goes on!!

Bibi x


Hi deb1701 , never heard of them suspending money before , had your claim ran out and was waiting tobe re newed , I'm under a reconsideration at the moment but I still get my money .

So sorry for you



It's taken them that long with my claim that my old one had run out. Fortunately my bank have been brilliant in waiving the charges. O2 were excellent, the guy asked what DLA was as he had never really understood the claims system. Once told he continued the call by asking me if he could help more he would be available until 4.30. So refreshing to know there are some nice people in the world xx


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