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pain been see doc (lololol) got fever and didnt know about it (loolol)

went see my gp yesterday the one who knows me

apparently i have a fever and dont know it ??????

37.6 ... she said to me after takin my temp do you feel poorly apart from the pain i was like no.... asked her why she said you have a fever of 37.6..... and i didnt know... lol .. not like me cus i had a virus thing in february wich involved a very stange temperature flucuaton and i noticed it then...

well she prescribed some volterol 50 mg 3 times a day. told me keep taking my 8/500 cocodomol. im on amitrypline 50 mg at night 25 mg in morning...also already on diazapam 10 mg a day...

talk about being stoned omg

i certainly slept well last night

still got pain tho

dont care as much bout it due to feeling stoned lol.....

blood test lots and lots being done on monday at my local hospital and a wee sample for some strange reason

thats me so far..

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Well, after that lot, lets hope they come up with some answers! Nice, sunny weekend hopefully, will make everyone feel a bit better. Take care. :)


Yes, it is funny isn't it, at first I had a slight fever for a few months, and also a slightly raised Blood Pressure. It settled down after a few months.


ps some books on fibromyalgia point out that slightly raised temperature and slightly raised blood pressure are symptoms of fibromyalgia, but I guess your doctor is right to do tests in case you do have an infection.


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