Struggle well I did not think it would be and now I find myself sataying away at

my daughters. She has CFS and a toddler. The later is absoluetly gorgeous and I suspect the major fafctor in keeping my daughter sane. So he chronic fatigue is exasabated by her son (I am predjudice of course) he is beautiful and smiles from deep within himself constantly with wonderful shinny eyes full of love and mishief.

How does she cope well by concentrating on him and learning to leave things for OH. I have always been a doer- cannot leave washing up - stuff about the place- whereas she has learnt to concentrate on him and their bond is fantastic. This is not to say that he gets away with everything oh No if Mum says No she mean it.

So I drove down 200 miles to a different bed, different chairs even different stairs. I am here yes I hurt (pretty ghastly actually) but I am loving every minute.

Today we are visiting Aunt who is grand age of 94 we wont stop long she doesnt do visitors now. Emotionally very wearing but I am looking forward to it never the less.

So I will be away most of day so speak with you later. Have a good day xgins x

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  • Sorry your daughter isn't so good , great that you can get down there and help... Please don't wear yourself out .... We need you back in one piece...

    Take care

    Vg x

  • Have nice day gins, sorry to hear your daughter in bad way, but u take care and as grumpy says we do need u back here in e piece, cos where would we be without you and grimy and all our volunteers, u help us so much especially with your banters to each other, so take care safe journey, gentle hugs ...Dee xx

  • Have a great day, Gins - no matter how difficult the struggle to get there, it's always wonderful to see family and grandbabies! Take care.

    Moffy x

  • Sorry that should grumpy, Sorry grumps but having a fibro fog day I think , have good day gentle hugs ....Dee xx

  • Rushes to have a shower :D

  • Grimy .... hehehe - I love it! Although I heard that she had a bath in 2010 :D

    Moffy x

  • Great that you can spend time with your daughter and grandson. My daughter is the same she has under active thyroid and has just been diagnosed and started on meds, she had some days where she had little energy, still does sometimes, but she uses what energy she has on him and leaves the rest for her OH or to do later when the little lad is in bed. I myself was like you,still am a bit have to have the dishes done and things tidy. My daughters bond with her little man is brilliant.

    Luckily I have a great bond with her and my grandson (2 and a half) is a bubbly bright smiley boy who always brightens my day. Sorry you have to travel so far to see them. My daughter lives 10 mins drive away from me and you have made me realise how lucky I am.

    Have a lovely day xx

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