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Didn't he do well Thanks for watching guys I find it

very strange to see him on the tele. But I am pleased he came second and the girl who won was fantastic Charles said she spent the day with que cards in her hand on her specialist subject. Very committed to winning. The charities all raised money from the program which was why Charles took part,

VG you are right he has the brains and I am the beauty ha ha cheers all xgins

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So glad all the charities got money, that girl just wasn't human, you could see she was going to win she had the same look on her face my snake does when he wants to get on the washing machine while its running... As I type this he is throwing his vines in his tank around ... It's feeding day... Takes her leave of The now infamous gins by walking backwards and bowing out of the thread



feeding day ah nice or should that be mice?????????

Food again VG keeps cropping up whats for brekki today? I luv porridge xgins


Nothing it's trigger point injection day, am now home and about to have lunch nice grannery roll with some low fat ham..



the boy done good!

did he tell you the result or let you wait & see?

my brother was on 15-1 years ago and one of the returning winners kept nominating him every chance he got until he was out, [8 or 9 times] they changed the rules shortly after so you couldn't target one person. he said he began to feel threatened and the producer apologised. some people just need to win! she seemed nice though.

will you be on the next series? we could all go on eggheads as the fibromites! :D



yes excellent idea Sandra i look forward to seeing you kick the eggheads ass xx


I know one shouldn't say it but I'd love to wipe the smirk off cj's face!

On mastermind, my special subject would be "things I don't know about fibro" !!


I saw your brother, gins, without realising it! How wonderful that he came 2nd and well done for taking part. I didn't realise all the charities benefitted. I thought only the charity of the winner received any money. I am VERY IMPRESSED! Please pass on my congratulations to him.

I would be hopeless on one of those programmes. Even when I was fit I would have been too nervous. Now I'd be hard pushed to have "myself" as my specialist subject which could start off something like this:-

Name.....Um sorry ... I can't quite remember.

Age .... now let me see I was born in

Specialist subject ....I've forgotten....Pass

etc etc.....

Happy New Year, gins, to you and your family.

Love and hugs XX


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