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could i have fibro cant spelll it lol

name is claire im 40 yrs of age and since last october i have been constantly exausthed and in chronic pain in my legs and back mainly.. it has started to get worse just recently. went to see my doc on tuesday who is checking me for arthritis and muscle waste.. i have an eating disorder and dont actually eat food. i had supplement drinks in stead wich are very good... i have had lots of blood tests done for exaustion and all come back fine.. got an appionmnet today to see a gp who knows me to ask if she think i could have this... on a realy bad day i cant walk far at all and feel like im goin to colaspe the pain is so bad and the concentration dont get me started on that.. what concentration... i do suffer with depression and ptsd.. im taking amitrypline for night terrors and this helps me sleep.. i have taken 2 co codamol this morning and it hasnt done anything...only low dose of 8/500 mg...i cant take anti inflamitories as they make my stomach bad... dont know what im after lol and i may know a bit more lata when i see my gp who knows me

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You need to have other possible causes of your symptoms ruled out or isolated before a definite diagnosis of Fibro is possible.

Here is information on the diagnosis of Fibro:


Hi, I am also waiting to see a rheumatologist after all my blood tests have come back normal. Most of my major pain is in my back, legs and my hands. I dont have a very sympathetic gp so am thinking of finding another surgery. My gp stopped my anti depressants (citralopam) she never even weened me off them grrr. I also take amitryptaline 50mg at night, but they are supposed to be to prevent my migraines and help with joint pain. Doctor has stopped me from taking co codamol 30mg as i am taking tramadol. but alone they dont work. I went to the peterborough hydrotherapy pool yesterday which was great. It helps short term but was amazing at the time. I do hope you get help soon. Everybody on this site are amazing people and it has been a great source of help for me as i dont have any friends or family where i live. good luck. xx


thanx guys


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