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Good news I want to share

My granddaughter yesterday presented me with a beautiful great grand daughter, she is a thumping 10 pounds 10oz. I now have two great granddaughters and a great grandson. I am just so grateful to be around to see them and hopefully watch them grow up. I'm still very excited and looking forward to seeing baby, but I have rotten cough at moment I can't get rid of and don't want to go near them until I'm better.

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Wow what a weight and huge Congratulations to your Grandaughter.

I have 3 grand-daughters and many great nephews and nieces so I know how proud you must be feeling.

I hope you get rid of your cough soon so you can enjoy the little (big) un.

hugs xx


Congratulations tou you all! Thats fantastic news lol. Ive got 3 grandsons who i adore and i was very lucky to see the eldest and youngest being born. It is the most magical experience ive ever had and something ill never forget (even during fibrofog!)

Love and gentle hugs

Chilli xxx


congratulations wow great weight too best wishes to you and your family and hope your cough clears up soon so you can have special hugs xx i have a 5month old grandson who is adorable , i met for the first time in april as he lives in australia and my first cuddle was soooo amazing (he was born feb 27th) enjoy your great grandaughter xx


congratulations and a very good weight too my youngest had a baby yesterday as well its fantastic and the first birth i have witnessed,

love and happiness to all the family

Lin x


Thanks for your congrats. Just wish I could visit, dying to give her a cuddle, and congrats to you too bruiser. It helps to take our mind off fm a little bit


congrats Cheekybeatle and bruiser on the new arrivals! nice news, thanks for sharing.



Many congratulations, that's wonderful news. All my three babies were over 10lbs and they've all grown up tall. How exciting for you and your family. Hope you feel better soon too. :)


Congratulations on your Great Grandma status! I have 10 grandchildren of whom I am very proud, but to be a great grandma must be awsome !! Congratulations again and to your grandaughter for producing such a bonnie bouncing babe!!!


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