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Fibromyalgia & Our Family

Fibromyalgia & Our Family

As we all know living with chronic illness can be difficult at times, not only for us but also for our families. It has been suggested by psychologists that both the person living with the illness & the partner can go through a period of stages, the same as a person would when grieving when first diagnosed. So many different emotions are experienced by both parties during this phase and it is understandable that family life can be affected.

The Ripple Effects of Fibromyalgia: Who is impacted and how?

By Rosalie Devonshire MSW, LCSW, Author Taking Charge of Fibromyalgia writes

'How are your family members handling your illness? They may have numerous feelings regarding the changes they see in you and may not be expressing their feelings for fear of causing you more worry, or they may not know what to say to you or how to express their thoughts.

It is very difficult for others to understand how much pain you are in because Fibromyalgia is an invisible illness. You look great, right? This can set up a vicious cycle in which you and your family members can become distrustful, disconnected, or estranged from each other. You may find yourself leaning on your family members or friends for emotional support.'

I know we all try our best to keep strong (even myself) by using various methods , this community , friends , support groups & some may have counselling too(CBT etc).

But how about our families they need support but often many do not ask for it or use avoidance and denial they need it at all. Having support for all members of the family

I think helps all involved adjust to the changes in daily life and I personally think is very important.

Well there is support out there for partners/carers & families. If you are experiencing problems in family life you may wish to consider these organisations for extra support for you and your family.

For partners /carers ----Carers UK

For anyone needing to talk -----Samaritans

Please see thread Family Lives for more info


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