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Having a bad day ??


Since changing to cymbalta about 2 months ago I have been feeling more me, but having taken amitryptline for 15 years mainly for sleepy gp has advised me to come off them due to contra indication of taking the 2 together. That was last Friday I had already dropped down from 50mg to 25mg when starting new meds, been taking amitryptline every other night unfortunately my sleeping has also decreased so much so I have been since 2.30 - I had already felt a flare up starting a day or so ago and added to no sleep I am in so much pain and the fatigue is overwhelming - this is also a night when my OH is on a 24 hour shift (he is a support worker for adults with learning difficulties) so I never sleep properly when he isn't here as it is. Feel pretty alone fed up and in pain, soooo tired but mind can't switch off ??I am a clinical hypnotherapist so have already tried self hypnosis and guided meditation has anyone any other ideas. Sorry for the moan x gentle hugs x

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Maybe you're coming off the Amitriptylline too quickly, Mo - it might be wise to telephone your GP to tell him how you're feeling and ask advice.

Hope you feel better soon!

Moffy x

I know now I'm an emotional wreck aswell - decided to have a dr who day and am crying x watched the episode bout 100 times and never cried before - awwww the healing power of the Dr!

I agree with ladymoth- sounds like you're coming off them far too quickly. There is only the possibility of an interaction between cymbalta and amitrptyline, and if you've been taking amitriptyline for 15 years your body is really pretty used to them now so it's going to be a difficult and slow process withdrawing (ive seen people struggle with dropping 10mg every month) I'd speak to your GP and increase your dose of amitrptyline again and start withdrawing much more slowly- but talk to your pharmacist who can tell you what signs you need to look out for the possible cymbalta /amitrptyline interaction if you haven't already been told.

hi, I take Cymbalta 60mg, together with 10mg of Amitriptyline, and have not felt this good for years,it was the pain specialist, who recommended this, I was a little bit bothered at first, bur apparently, it is given widely by specialist. Maybe you could have a word with your GP, and see what he says.My pharmacist says that they prescribe it widely too,but only Amitriptyline at a low dose. Good luck. Joyce

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