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To Nap or not to Nap that is the question

I find I need to nap more and more. A power nap used to be sufficient a brief 5 or ten mins which I would take saying to myself I will wake refreshed and full of energy!

This would invigorate me but now it is more like 30mins to and hour and I am still suffering from exhaustion.

Dropping off infront of the TV does not give me energy just leaves me feeling shattered.

I wish there was an answer tat would make me feel bright and bubbly like a bottle of champagne that has just been openened not flat ................................../

Dropping of when you find time slides by is awful you are never really shore where you are and what has happened

sssssssssssssnores xgin

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Alas poor gins I know this feeling well, I find if I nap I always wake with a banging headache but somedays it's just inneviatble and I wake up suddenly in the chair. If I feel I am tired I try and have a shuffle round anything to stay awake

Blows a vuvuzela at gins to keep her awake

VG x


Did ot work sleep is taking hold I shall give in for a while xgin


Iv have to go to bed as soon as I get home from work at 2,I seem to sleep for one and a half hours,if I didn't sleep in the afternoon I would just end up asleep on the sofa all evening and then I wouldn't sleep when I went to bed,iv worked really hard this morn cleaning the admin area in a hospital,iv gone to bed in pain and iv just woken up in more pain plus my heads all over the place!i was gonna make a risotto for tea but can't get the energy to do it so I will take some frozen cottage pie out that I made last week!i couldn't go without a sleep in the afternoon..xx


Oi sleeping beauty are you awake yet....The site may not be here in 100 years



The room is dark oh what OH is bemusingly handsome

drat I am dreaming again time for the chaser!



Unless I have a virus or something, I don't allow mself to sleep during the day. If I do I feel dreadful afterwards & then I can't sleep at night either.

I just have to push my way through it, but oh the temptation is great!

cobweb xxx


I am afraid total exhaustion takes me to the land of nod I do wake refreshed and I manage my 4/5hours at night .

sometimes I feel better than at night when I wake.

we are all different in some ways xgins


I know what you mean. I have succumbed to doing this before but find too much will cause less at night. However, 30 minutes set by to sleep intentionally can help you. Make sure you are warm, settle deliberately and have a way of waking up at the end. Gently would be best. When you wake up, get up and move around gently stretching. See if you can get outside for at least 30 minutes too. I have a dog which I got to get me fit and make me go outside. I always feel invigorated after that! If you cannot get outside, try washing your face with cool, not cold, water. If you have makeup on, try spritzing your face. Keep bed time at a regular time if you can too. And have at least 3 hours between nap and sleep. 4 is better. I avoid napping if I can, but if I get home from work and am exhausted, I try my 30 minute plan. However, as I take in students I am often disturbed before I'm done or need to get them their meal. I just take the dog out instead when I know time is short. Hope this is helpful?


Hi the Sarah Jane, Thank you thank you for all your advise. The post you answered is a year old if you check the date it was written . This of course is fairly immaterial as he problem still goes on but is perhaps better managed over time.

My meds have changed as well as have my routines. Thank you so much Have a happy new year xgins


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