This is a stray cat (worth around £3k) who I look after when he comes around, I flea/tick him and worm . His owners have moved 3 miles away but he finds his way back! Tried butter on paws but cookie likes this area. He likes my washer when its on its a wonder he isn,t dizzy! The recent don,t put pets in washer" brought Cookie to mind,unfortunately my cat Maxi ,another male, doesn,t like this intruder and so they have to sleep in shifts (although Cookie don,t sleep much).any cat lovers I have some fab pics of Cookie, for a stray he,s very affectionate!

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  • Wow he's beautiful. Good on you for looking after him . X

  • I think you have just became his new owner :) my own cat did the same thing he would live between me and a neighbour two street down from us. We moved about a mile away and I tried bringing him with us and he was having none of it. He decided to go and live with the elderly lady who shared him. Cats I think tend to chose their owners :)

  • My brother in law acquired a beautiful Bengali female who just turned up one day and like you he used to feed her and she adopted him. He didn't know what he had got and it was only when she was k picked down by a car and he rushed her to the vets that the vet a Bengali owner said what she was and she was microchips. Of course his heart dropped but it was the breeders registration not the owners and they had sold her at least 4 years before so had no records. We reckon she might have been checked as she didn't breed as she was originally sold to someone I. Leicestershire and we are in the Black Country.

    She is a real character and talks all the time, well she just never shuts up especially if he is on the phone it is as though she wanys to join in with the conversation. When he was in hospital or two and a half months she really missed him but then became attached to my husband and. When brother in law came back she didn't want to know my OH. LOL.x

  • Cookie has used up about 7 of his 9 lives! I had to call fire brigade he climbed up high tree and couldn,t get down, he was covered in oil or black paint one time, I caught a neighbour hitting him with a brush and told him off -cookie was jumping in his hedge trimmings and scattering them! he climbed into someones bathroom window nearby, he,s been shut in garages that he,s ventured in, he went on our house roof after a squirrell,,everyone comes to me with him and I have said he,s not mine, my vet says he is not microchipped, I will find him a good home, the rspca don't, want to know and have said don't feed him and he,ll go away-I don't, think so== he was so thin when I found him I could see his ribcage. They know where they are loved and wanted.. My younger sister has a cattery and looks after cats for owners who are ill and go away, that's how I got Maxi my black moggie, his owner died.

  • He's so cute!!Good for you taking care of a stray! ! Have a nice day.Peck 🐤

  • he is truly lovely my friend, thank you so much for sharing x :)

  • Take your time with him as the others will get used to him they only see other cats as a threat but once see hes not will grow attached to him they can always be a bit off towards him but will tolerate as time goes by.

  • What a poor cat to be left at the mercy of the elements. Thank goodness for kind people like yourself!

    I have four cats, one of which is my baby girl Bengal. She's an F5 and utterly gorgeous. She's a traditional coloured Bengal. Cookie looks like a silver spotted Bengal. They are vocal and very attached to whoever they choose in their life. I'd really like a snow Bengal but they are rare and pricey! Sasha cost in the region of £300.

    I hope Cookie eventually attaches to someone deserving if it can't be you. He's a special boy.💙


  • my picture might not give him a true presence, he is 2 shades of brown, spotty tummy, stripey dark brown legs, unfortunately he has had his "merps" removed and so he won,t breed, I guess the owners did it to try to calm him down, he is a live wire. I now havn,t seen him for 4 days and so I fret a little, I will call his owners to see if they have collected him-bet he,ll be back soon he ususally is!

  • Wow, he really looks silver in the pic.

    Lol having an in tact male Bengal is very hard work! They're often too wild to live with so have to be neutered for everyone's sake.

    Bless, I'm sure he'll be back. He comes across as a very strong willed kitty who will do whatever he wants!


  • He is gorgeous ☺☺

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