another day with fibro

I am finally home.My dear mum needed me to take her to the bank and shops,so just got home. But,instead of struggling to cook dinner,I am making smoked German sausages with sweet corn relish and salad and mushrooms for tea.Bought some chapata so it should be delicious.

Have had 2 ibroprofen this morning and 2 paracetomol this afternoon and it has really helped.

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  • mmmmm sounds delicious , we were having chicken but only just remembered and not taken it out of the freezer so beans on toast for us x

  • That's like me floozy, when I order the shopping now I have to check that any frozen stuff I order is cook from frozen.... other wise it just sits in the freezer because I never remember to get it out in time !


  • That sounds yum avarose, I might pinch that recipe !


  • Enjoy your dinner - take some more pills relax and enjoy your evening :)

    Gentle hugs x

  • the quick meal was really nice. I fried a few mushrooms in a little olive oil,opened a jar of sweetcorn relish,chopped cucumber and lettuce, buttered 2 large chabata and put 2 smoked sausages in each with all the trimmings.

    I am now looking for easy meals to do when tired. Will def do this again.

    have a good evening all xx

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