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hi all i was wondering how you all cope if you work? are your employers ok with you? im a home care worker and ive had to take a few days off due to a bad patch, they are not happy. im trying to find a job where i work normal hours 9-5 5 days a week as i feel this will help! but no look as yet.

would you put on your appliction form that you have fibro? so sorry to ask so many questions but im finding it hard to cope with and feel so alone. xx

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I had to give up work 13 years ago as I couldn't cope with small autistic child working full time , the pain and no sleep...

It was a big shock re money we had to sell the house and buy a cheaper one.. But on the positive side I am always at home for the family and deliveries and to sort out problems

When I did work my employers were very sympathetic but in the end I was off more than I was there so it wasnt fair to work as they never knew if I was going to be well enough to come in from one day to the next....

Hope you find some solution

VG x


I gave up work at Christmas as I was physically unable to do my job as a ballet teacher any longer. I didn't even try to explain the problem to my boss as she would not have understood at all.


Employers on the whole are not very understanding about any sort of illness. Disability they will cope with, as they have a legal obligation to provide any necessary facilities and equipment, but with fibro, you are not just potentially disabled - there will be many times when you are too ill to work - it's a different thing altogether, and employers are not likely to see that as a viable situation.

I gave up full time work three years ago, because I had stopped enjoying it. Luckily I was at pension age, so I manage financially, but on good days I still wish I could work as I loved it.

I realise how lucky I am, and feel very sympathetic to those who want and need to work, but are unable.

Moffy x


I gave up my shop and work four years ago. The reason well I am unable to lift bend carry stand or walk to far so it kinda ruled work out. The first year I missed the people terribly but as time goes on you adjust. I was only 54 to young to be out of work but the disability took over my life. I have like Moffy a lot of sympathy for people trying to battle through work . xins


thanks everyone, im trying to carry on with my work but ive been off since the weekend as im in way to much pain and fog to drive,ive got a meeting with them tomorrow so ill see what they say.

im looking for a new job at the moment with less driving but still within care work, on your application form would you tell them you have got fm? xxxx


That is the question if you do they might not hire you giving the excuse of a more suitable candidate .. If you don't and you have a flare or you find that its harder than you though and you have to have time off regularly they may use the fact you hid your illness against you ... I honestly don't know what the answer is.... Lets hope others will put their thoughts here

VG x


I'm off to a meeting at work today as i can no longer work the long days, fingers cross they may understand but im not holding my breath! i need a new job asap xx


Here is some info on Work and Fibro:

Hope it helps!



I work for the NHS I find it very hard to work and only work part time

Anyone who works with fibro is going to find it hard.

For me I think I have had 8 weeks certificated and about 10 uncertificated

In the last two years, I have been sent to occy health twice and

My hours changed so I work one day and then off the next off but

I still find it hard. and there are days when I can't do it.

It's very hard for an employer to sack you because you are sick, although

Saying that they can sack you it just takes a time to do it there are rules

To follow for them if they don't you can then take them for unfair dismissal.

You need to read your righ to work, allso anyone who has been in cronic

Pain for over a year is classed now as disabled read your rights for employment

Some where it says about fibro.

I know that I will have to go, but I am going to wait until I am made to go

I have 20 plus years in, I would like to be made redundant, but that's wishful

Thinking. So I will wait until I have to go.

Maybe another kind of job would work better for you, care work is so hard

Love Viv and good luck


Sorry so late answering. Phone has been out of action for a couple of days.

I work in a secure environment. I work 3 long days which are 12 1/2 hours. So at least I get 4 days off. I do really struggle some days, I sometimes work nights, I take my meds as usual apart from the amitriptyline which I take as soon as I get in.

I have had a couple of days off due to pain and/or tiredness. I have heard that our line manager is thinking of taking a few of us down the capability route. There are 3 people including myself who have fybro. There are only 14 of us working in the unit!

Good luck with everything.

Becky. X


hi all so sorry for the late update but been busy fighting fibo and work! i heard on friday ive got a new job but still within care in a office which i hope will help alot!!! my employer never made the meeting so ive emailed them and backed it up with a phone call! i was face painting yesterday and its really takn it out of me today. fingers crossed i can find away to cope thank you all xxxxxxxx


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