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been told today that i may have fibro

ive been seeing my gp since dec for tiredness and very bad whole body pain, he told me today he thinks i may have fibro and has given me amiltriptyline 10mg at night! i'm already on prozac as well. my gp has said to go back in 4 weeks to see how i am. but what is the next step is getting diagnosed? do i need to be referred? also what advise would you give me to get though the bad times?

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Welcome to the forum

Your GP can diagnose you mine did, I had blood tests that ruled out everything else, And i had all the tender points... You can be referred to a rhematologist but all they will most likely do is run the blood tests and confirm what your GP says and then discharge you back to your gps care... Amatriptaline seems to be the most common med to start people with fibro on.... I didnt get on with it at all ...but there are lots and lots of meds out there its a matter of trial and error to find out what suits you. there is no cure but when you find the right meds you can have a good quality of life if somewhat different to before... If fibro is your only illness then your GP can refer you to physio and pain clinics as gentle exercise helps as does pacing .. Doing little then resting

If you want to know more we have info at and of course come on here and ask questions

VG x


Hi :) VG is right. My rheumatologist referred me to a pain management consultant which was wonderful I am on amtrip aswell and this helps me get up to 7 hours sleep which is better than I was getting. Please keep us updated and look at the positives in your life it always helps. X ems. X


thank you so much for your support, im in so much pain at the moment all i do is rest with heat pads! thank you for your tips and advise ill keep you up dated xxx


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