Has anyone experienced any interaction between Amitriptyline & the Mirena coil?

I had the Mirena coil fitted 3 years ago because I was having extremely heavy periods and became anemic; it worked brilliantly and after the initial 6 months or so of light spotting I stopped having periods at all. I have recently started taking Amitriptyline because my fibro is debilitating at the moment with a very poor sleep pattern. I've been taking them for about 3 weeks and within a few days I started spotting. It isn't constant, it lasts a few days, stops, then starts again and is becoming heavier. I'm wondering if this could be anything to do with taking the Amitriptyline or just coincidence? It would be useful to know if others have experienced anything similar. I am speaking to GP again on Friday so will mention it then but first hand feedback is often more useful! Thanks x

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  • Hi I also have a Mirena and havent had any periods for years but have started spotting. I just thought it was maybe down to needing coil changed but am also quite recently on Amitriptyline. Will be interesting to know what your G.P, says about this..I will also mention it on my next visit x

  • Hi, I have the mirena coil and take 100mg of amitriptyline at night, I have not noticed any effects of the two together but we are all different, I hope things get better for you soon :) xx

  • Hi - several years back I was on amitriptyline and had a mirena for @ 9months - I felt awful... so GP changed meds to Gabapentin..still no improvement and had a lot of pain, IBS was bad, dizzy and fibro fog daily with headaches... I thought it was either the meds or the hormones in the mirena...I went to a kiniesiologist who straight away said "get that thing out of your body"... I pretended I didnt know wot she meant so asked where in my body is was and she put her hands on my uterus. she knew is was some type of plastic in there.....So I did have it removed and felt better.. with the mirena there are hormones involved and they can affect us differently one month to the next...so who knows???

  • Hi

    I tried the mirena coil years ago, long before I had fibro and hated it, it made me spotty, sluggish and I had spotting nearly all the time, it didn't do much for my painful periods either. I had it removed within a few months and would never consider using it again. Some people swear by it but others don't get on with it at all. We are all different.

  • Thanks for your comments ladies. It's useful to get some idea if others have had similar experiences, but as you say, we are all diffierent so what works for one doesn't for another! I'll give it another few weeks and see how it goes. I understand that having artificial hormones in our bodies isn't a great idea but I literally used to bleed 20 days out of 30 and the Mirena was brilliant at stopping that.

  • Hi

    I guess at the end of the day sometimes you have to compromise and judge which side-effects are the most troubling and decide which of those that you can live with. With fibro there are so many bloomin side-effects you have to juggle them around.

    I can understand your dilemma because bleeding for that long can lead to anaemia, which you then have to take iron tablets for and they in turn lead to more problems lol.

    Sometimes with hormonal contraception you can get these episodes of spotting for no apparent reason. I used to get them when I was on the pill and I had been on that for years. It might be to do with the amitriptyline and it might just be coincidence. Hope it clears up for you and I would probably mention it to your GP next time you see him/her.

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