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I have applied for DLA twice now and have been rejected both times. I use crutches most days of the week, I get extremely anxious in crowded places, I cannot concentrate on most days (most people will know this as 'Fibro Fog') and I have difficulty lifting heavy items, including kitchen items.

They explained that, though I have difficulty, I can still walk, I can still lift things without help from others and I do not need someone with me when I go out.

I'd like to know who agrees with them in that I do not deserve DLA, and who disagrees. Does anyone think I should appeal?

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  • Hi XsjcX, i'm so sorry to hear that you have been rejected for a 2nd time, i think it's Disgusting how people are being refused DLA, when they are clearly struggeling each an every day !!! I would appeal it if i was you and never give up. Also make sure you have all paper work from for GP/hospital letters/consultants letters ect anything that you can think of........ Good Luck and Gentle Hugs xxxx

  • This is very helpful. Thank you very much. I think I will visit my CAB to help with an appeal.

  • Hi, so sorry to hear about the atrocious way you've been treated. Please know that although it feels personal, it is just this nasty government cutting the disabled benefits bill and they are relying on people not appealing. They are trying to cut DLA by 20%, this has been their target and I think they are doing it now so that when it's replacement PIP is introduced they will be able to deny they have cut it by 20% because they will have already done it!

    Can I suggest this site


    There is a small admin charge of under £20 but they have extremely helpful guides and advice on everything to filling out the forms in the first place to appeals. I hear nothing but good things about them and the charge is only for their admin costs and the amount of online manuals they produce

    Best wishes

  • Ah thanks for that, Chris. Wish I'd know that before! xx

  • No worries, Chris. I actually had some of the guides from another family member who's a member, but I also find it helpful to be able to see the forum posts and put up any questions there! I also did get a few quid off my membership under one of their offers so I figured it was worth it. XX

  • Hi, I was refused DLA and didn't appeal. I was then nagged by my daughter and goddaughter to re-apply I did but got help from a team called Benifits maximisation team who came to my home and filled the form in for me. This time I was successful. Please see if you have one of these teams in your area your local job centre should be able to help you find out. Good luck xxx

  • Thank you, I will enquire about this at my JobCentre.

  • hi please re apply an perhaps go to see your gp to make sure they will back you if need be and also go to an organisation like dial to help you fill them in thats where i am going in may so good luck dot give up love to you diddle x

  • You have to remember when applying for DLA that it is not how you feel or what illness you have, it is are you able to do things for yourself, like can you wash yourself, bath or shower yourself, dress yourself. Do you need help to turnover in bed by yourself. Can you make a meal for yourself. I know alot of people believe they should get DLA because they are ill but it is not for that Esa is for that its bad that so many people get upset about being rejected, it is very upsetting I know,

  • But due to me being in college I can't get ESA. x

  • hi, I understand exactly how u r feeling I have battled to get my benefit for 18mths . things have changed and its a case of how our illness effects us which must fit into the law! I know it so rediculous!

    I don't think you will get very far untill you are unable to walk totally. It may be worth seeking legal advice I'm sorry truely that this is the way of our benefit system but its the people who have cheated the benefits that have made claiming so difficult for the one who really need help. you may be able to get somewhere with personal care - low rate care- if you cannot lift heavy pans, cook a meal for one etc, the CAB are very good with filling in forms with the correct wording

  • It will be even harder to claim when it is changed to PIP, from the proposed application form I have seen to get the higher rate for mobility you have to use a wheelchair and if I remember rightly someone has to be there to push you. Its going to be awful when that comes in, i can see none of us getting it !!

  • hi hun ive been refused 3 times an had to claim again ,its now going through a trib an see wot happens, i carnt believe i keep getting rufused all the time , when people need it an other people dont need it at all an people with a real illness carnt get it see wot my tribunrol brings this time being fighting since 2009 thanks tracey .

  • I totally disagree

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