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Has anyone tried modafinil?

I have read about it and some sites seem to advocate it for fibro.


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Couldn't find any reference to fibro on that link just narcolepsy.. The last thing I need is a stimulant to keep me awake ... It's taken me just over 20 years to get sleep sorted :)



Goodness me, I never thought narcolepsy was part of fibro and like VG said, the last thing I need is something that would make me stay awake, I have enough of that without rssorting to medication to get it.



ZzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzz. No stimulants for me, either, ta! I am awake most of the night, but am ready for a good snooze just abut he time when I need to get up! :O

Moffy x


There have been a few small studies in the US. For instance


but the drug is mainly used for narcolepsy.

Mind you gabapentin is an anti epilepsy drug which was found to help with neuropathic pain and helps with fibro. )it certainly helps me) and viagra was originally an angina drug.

This BBC page explains a bit about drugs being suprisingly useful for conditions other than those for which they were developed.


i was just interested to hear if anyone in the UK had been offered the modafinil treatment for fatigue. Not sure I would want to take it though.


I did read about a study done by a Canadian doctor who correlatedfibro as a ttype of narcolepsy. Who knows?! That's a completely different school of thought than the infection and need for antibiotics. I'm lost with it all and have tried such a huge range of meds. As mentioned above, my big thing is getting to sleep and staying asleep... At night. I've been tracking my sleep and sleep deprivation on my fibro app and in up on average 14x a night!

A. X


Sorry to sound so sceptical of it but I get 7 hours uninterrupted sleep every night for the last 18 months with my new med combo and I am NOT letting go of it ...

Yours hiding her night meds

VG x


Hi all you lovely people. .I've not heard of this drug but like most oon hear im burnt out enuf without a stimulant. .has anyone tried baclofen it seems to be used as a muscle relaxant my muscles twitch and go into spasm and are so painful im due at pain nurse next week and was thinking of asking for this medication. Any help would be most appreciated. Take care freinds hope you all have an easy day today ive got a throat n chest infection and fever just had this about a month ago grrr.


I will answer re baclofen ... I don't normally comment on meds cos most have a bad effect but I will just put my nose in here... Tried baclofen twice ... Both times uncontrolable diahorrea .. Once in the house.... Once while out ... The embarrassment was unimaginable and that was one tablet both times it goes straight. Through me very quickly

Hopefully that's just me and you will get more positive responses.... In my case it was Definately a case of be careful what you ask for :(


I imagine that a stimulant Would be helpful if sleep is interrupted nightly. I take a caffeine pill in the morning. 65mg with is equiv to strong cup of coffee but without the ex lax effect! It most Def helps me focus and get things done and I Still take a 2/3 hr nap in the afternoon!

Thanks to Spidey for this new info. Xx


Yes, my brother uses it - he has PPMS. He only uses it on days when he needs to be more alert so he can go out.


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