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Has anyone tried Shiatsu


On Thursday I had my second treatment . With the first my pain eased and I had a really good nights sleep and had more energy the following days. I thought maybe just a coincidence. Following this one I sleep like a baby for 6hrs and the next 2days felt more alive ., mayb because I had sleep well ? I am going to try for 6 sessions .. 1 a month. To see if there any real improvement so it is a wait a see job . But like most people I will try anything to help . Opinions please .

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No, but i believe that Hatta yoga is very good to help in breathing and relaxation .

I used to have regular shiatsu (before I became ill) but then my lovely therapist gave up his practice. I eventually found another one who was almost as good, but had to try several before i found him.

Since being ill (and having moved house in the meantime) I have not been able to find anyone who I feel is good for me. But I am now seeing a myofacial release massage therapist, and she is really good.

I do beleive these types of treament can help significantly, but you have to find the right therapist to work with - which is personal, and about a good fit between the two of you, not necessarily a reflection on the therapist's skill level.

Glad you've found something that helps. Hope you continue to feel an improvement



I love shiatsu massage as long as it's done by a good practitioner. It perks up my feelgood factor and I also pee like a horse later on! (used to get the same after reflexology) I think hands-on therapies are excellent for folks like us - we're so used to feeling pain that it feels grand to get good feelings to balance the grungy stuff. Wish I had more pennies available to make it a regular thing :-/

I had reflexolgy for 18nths before. My therapist give me a leaflet on myofacial massage to read. I noticed that fibro is on the list it may help can you tell me more kazF please I will see after six sessions if I need to change . My OH has been having Shiatsu. For 1 lyear and he says it is better than an osteopath for good all over feeling it has also helped with his back and sleep. ( and he pees more to just ask him lol ) shame it is not available on the nhs. So pleased to hear others have had good results to.

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Hi Aura. I'm not an expert, but as I understand it, the fascia is a layer of tissue under the skin, and connects all parts of the body. Tension in one area will affect all other areas to some extent. So its working to release the tension.

I found Sue through the main fibroaction website. She is listed under the fibro friendly professionals, and she is lovely!

It definitely helps me, but as I am currently living with a lot of stress, not as much as I would like. Hopefully soon, life will get easier and I will get even more benefit.

it helped me too :) don't forget to drink lots of water!

I used to have it and stopped when my pain was too bad,thought it would hurt me too much. I will look into it, ;-)

It can hurt but I ask my therapist to stop a couple times and tell her when I need to move .. Benifits are worth it .

I would second and third what others have said. Like most natural therapies it can be helpful. I had a great practitioner when I had CFS 20 years ago but she moved. Haven't manage to find a good one here yet. Anyone can do the training but only a very few have 'IT'.

The reason you pee more is because it helps with lymphatic drainage......which is all good. It's also why you need to up your hydration levels afterwards, preferably by drinking more water.

I went to some sessions via the pain clinic and had to stop as all the lady did was talk, there was hardly anything hands on or teaching me. she was adamant about making me change my diet and it was like i had to change to gluten free everything and it was costing the earth, taste awful and just depressed me. I had to stop as it wasn't doing me any good at all. It was like her way or no way! I couldn't change everything overnight like she expected. I had my session weekly, but never finished the whole session. Acupuncture was better but only helped my neck, not anywhere else.

I'm not saying its a bad idea, but it just wasn't for me.xx

How different we are .. Acupuncture made my pain so much worse one sessions I was in so much pain I cried to get of her table . So that wasnt for me . I do know some peope have really good results from acupuncture. Maybe the therapist wasnt for you I do think you need to click ..

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