mobilty scooter uses

mobilty scooter uses

As some of you may remember during the heavy snow I converted my mobility scooter into a snow plough.. ( virtually of course) it snow balled into an amazing conversion with lights fog horns etc thanks to the input of many members suggestions on here... In anticipation of summer I have thought of another use for my scooter.... Has anyone else got any better ideas and modifications for a mobility scooter....???

VG x

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  • Well, you could have it tuned up to F1 standard for speed, but I think a high-powered rotor blade would be best, so you could take off and hover above the traffic.

    The possibilties are endless - you could be 'Eye in the Sky' and see what your neighbours are up to in their back gardens. What fun! :D

  • Moffy, sorry but how do you manage the clever icons, I have loads on my iPad but they just translate into question marks when they appear in an reply...........probably just my incredible stupidity though......

    You can never be sure of what VG is going to come up with next can you hehehehe

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy, I messaged you how to do them! :)

    Moffy x

  • Thank you for that, am busy looking after a neighbour whose husband is being operated on for an aneurysm , so she's pretty tense.

    Thanks so much. Foggy x

  • Oh dear - I hope he does OK. Sending best wishes! Mx

  • Oh my word VG, don't you just look great on that mobility jet ski....... ?? Will come back with some thoughts when I've stopped laughing. Hehehehe. Foggy x

  • I was thinking of rigging up a sail incase my battery goes flat... And maybe put my basket back on the front with distress flares and a snack... Though I do like the idea of rotary blades for snooping ... Hehe we have an old light/ fan light in the garage will send OH out to rig up rotar blades...... I have my sons old bicycle helmet :)

  • We could have a squadron - The Hurtling Turtles! Eat yer hearts out, Red Arrows!

    Dances off humming The Dambuster's theme ... diddlyumtum tumtum tumtum da de da de da de dah! :D

  • Oh my I am not going to let you loose with the bomb , you would probably blow us up!!!!!


  • Bombs? We're getting bombs as well? Wheeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • We are ... You are not..... I have also added a fishing net to my jet scooter it follows in the water behind me .. So far all I have caught is some careless surfer but he was rather nice ;)

  • c\tching chaps again VG really do put him back. How about a hot air balloon attached above the scooter so we could just go up in the world no more fearing for our lives on the pavements those holes are so bad xgin

  • Gins do you have a sewing machine could you make a hot air balloon moffy can supply the hot air... ;)

  • OK, OK, I will supply the hot air, but only in return for a plentiful supply of gin and tonic.

    Don't be sparing with the gin, and plenty of ice, too! :p

  • VG is sending my pet dragon, Idris . He's a friendly fellow as long as you keep him warm, otherwise he gets a bit tetchy, but he will assist with the hot air, as long as you feed him on snosages !!

    Take care and don't let him overdo it and burn you

    Foggy x. (Missing her Idris)

  • Seeing as I inadvertently sent you Foggys dragon you have plenty of hot air there but I will send along a gross of gin one bottle of tonic and a small igloo to make your own ice....


  • Hey, I have a new bottle of Bombay Sapphire, parcels it up and sends to moffy, hoping it will give you happy times. Hehehe

    Foggy x

  • Idris likes his gin warm - he says the ice cubes will put out his flames! Settles down with hot gin and lemon - thank you very much Foggy Hic! :D

  • Hi VG. I would like to thank you so much for your blogs. Not only do they make me smile but also you have given me the confidence to buy my own mobility scooter. Although I can drive a few miles, i cannot walk down the Street. Hopefully now i will be able go out with my daughter in the fresh air instead of being stuck looking at my 4 walls.

    PS, dont know about snow ploughs and jet skis yet, lol

  • Aha once you have tried driving one for a few weeks there will be no stopping you

    Have fun with it .. I don't know how old you are I am in my 40s but if you are the same age or younger dont be put off by the few idiots who stare and tut use your scooter with pride I would be housebound without mine I call her myrtle and thank you for thanking me. :)

  • I have just turned 42, so I expect I will get the tuts too. Will just say if you would like to try my body out for a week, go ahead.

  • Thanku for the giggle there arent many around at mo. Ur photo beats my waterskiing westies calender!xx

  • Thank you .. Though I have to admit waterskiing westies sounds fun.... Do they have little life jackets on :)

  • I need a sun canopy on mine cos I have lupus aswell & sunlight flares it.

    My head is now gleefully filled with what some would call twisted ideas of mods, designed for the john & Jane Does who walk into/in front of me... :-I

  • Heehee I like your way of thinking.... I thought of an electrified cattle prod charged from my battery :D

  • I had a beaut of a cig burn last week, in my new handbag that I was wearing across my body & rude doesnt describe her til I raised my voice & bag... really?? Feel the burn mark, its still warm.

  • Pmsl oh lol that has made me laugh well done you good on you lol x

  • Hi guys sorry I'm a bit slow catching up but we snowed in I have a couple of sewing machines if you wanna borrow them .sithy

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