Top common mistakes made by fibromites

Following on from my last point about the forum being pretty much unusable yesterday .. I went a wandering and found this.... It's a blog / help page written by someone who has had fibro for years.... They haven't found a cure .....they suffer flares but they have found their way of coping with their new and different fibro life. I could identify with so many of the points raised I thought it worth posting on here for you to take a look at.....

Obviously those of us with additional ailments will think .... If only.... But for me thinking back to pre arthritis when I just battled fibro It was a really interesting article .. I could relate to it ...

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  • yep made for good reading VG thank you for finding and sharing this info. I loved the step sister comment... It is like a family member you don't really like LOL

    I have saved the site to my fav's so I can read again, I really agree with the 'writing things down' it's handy when your brain is swimming in fog, to read back and see how you felt or what you did at am/pm time of day.

    I have started with writing, I can keep a track on what I did and if it made things better or worse.

    I know where my flares are coming from at this time though... I lost my Mum late last year, I have been terminated from my employment due to being on the sick too long and now hubby has got a new woman (healthier and younger) he couldn't handle me being sick, so going through fun and games with that.... Things come in 3's huh LOL

    Positive note though :) Sun is out and there is no snow... :D Nearly seaside weather :) xxx

  • Hi

    Sorry for all your current troubles.

    Hubbys new woman is healthier NOW.


  • ... Thanks ....I should not be cruel but .... proper giggling at the 'NOW' bit LOL

  • There you go! We can still smile.


  • Oh I am so sorry Andie I just am crossing my fingers and hoping that now your three things have come things will get better and better for you.... I met my OH when I already had fibro so there's a special someone out there for you too I am convinced of it.

    VG x

  • Thanks VG I am happy I found out his strengths and weaknesses now... I wish him well, hope she never gets sick bless her LOL....:o

    Yes I believe in love and good men/women. I have lots of sweet lovely people around me (I am very lucky) so one less...well... I will cope :D

    I think (taking the good from all this) it could be the push I need to help myself more (not being like a baby bird...pardon the metaphor) I know I will take all the good from things that have happened and move forward...

    Just need to avoid handling any mirrors (with fibro sausage fingers LOL) If I manage to not break a mirror I am in with a chance LOL ;)

    Thanks again VG

    Now off to feed my birdies xxx

  • Thanks for this VG I found it very enlightening. I have just printed the list and am attaching it to one of the doors in the kitchen. I don't believe in being too rigid with myself, but will take any advice I can to help with this.

    Maybe the reminder will give me the gentle push I sometimes need - in the right direction. And for those of us who have 'sceptical' forces around , it may be a way of reminding them what we are up against without getting into an exhausting confrontation.

    Thanks again VG.

    p.s. My movement for today was hosing my drive down after Grandson did a demolition job on it this weekend. Now some me time with book, snack etc.


  • Enjoy your me time, it's such lovely weather...

    I am going to be a dare devil and go sit in the garden with a fizzy water in a champagne glass LOL....

    Where did I put those little umbrellas...


  • Hi, glad its of some use .. I liked the sense of humour that they still have about it all

    VG x

  • VG

    You've said on a few occasions you found new OH after getting Fibro. Could be a lucrative little earner for you - start a dating agency with Fibro etc. compatible OH's?

    (Won't show MY OH this post though ! LOL.


  • Rofl I just showed this my OH who has just come in from work.... He looked a me in horror and said .... I hope they are not all mad like you..... Forget the fibro issue that's no problem compared to your madness

    VG :D

  • Ah! But which came first? The chicken or the egg ??????


  • Imagine An eggshell with a fish head poking out of the top chicken legs coming out the bottom a fish tail at the back and wings out of the sides and that's me ... Chicken fish and egg all at once :)

    Think the madness came first then the fibro then the arthritis..... Personally I call myself geniusly eccentric ...... Who am I kidding


  • Hi VG,

    I could relate to quite a few of those, especially the trying to continue with my old lifestyle but now with Fibro. It doesn't work and it is making me increasingly depressed.



  • The blogger says you will never be the same and you won't have your old life back which is the hardest part ....acceptance ..... Took me a good few years before one rhemmy just laid it out straight ... I was never going to get better as in cured ... Just better differently ... I left his room in tears but it was looking back the best thing he actually could have done as I stopped looking for this miracle cure and that's when I started to accept and adapt.... I still have bad days pain wise but I am a much nicer person to live with now I have accepted help and pace even on good days.... If you are becoming depressed I would advise checking your meds if you are on any and have you had any councelling I think many of us on here have certainly been there and I am on an anti depressant now..... Not because I am depressed now but it helps me sleep and I have had councelling in the past. With fibro we need all the help we can get to get to the best place we can be.

    Please feel free to PM me any time or if you would prefer one of the other volunteers

    VG x

  • Quite good advice for newbie sufferers I think. I tried the swimming but it made me worse! I found myself having 3weeks of pain after a swim! Now I just try and walk my doggie once a day or go to my local shop. I think there should be dating agency for us fibromites, or at least a vetting system!xx

  • Yes that why I loved the bloggers humour ... It would be great if I had a swimming pool in the next room ......

    Fibro dating site...

    I can see it happening :)

  • Brilliant article to read - thanks! Will share with my fellow fibromites on our local support page on facebook.

    Love Nikki xx

  • Snowbell.......I read your comment with my fibro goggles on but had to re-read it again....

    your last bit.....There should be a dating agency for us fibromites, or at least a vetting system !!!!

    Sorry I read this.... as if you are unable to get a date the vet could put you down!!!!

  • Rofl :D

  • thanks for sharing the link. I have found moving when in flare is counter productive, indeed i end up in bed with nausea and pain. I do more on good days but realise there are days when I can't. We have to find what works for us as individuals.

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