Fibromites versus zombies!!!

Fibromites versus zombies!!!

After clocking the hilarious plants v zombie game with nothing more than a few assorted plants My OH said you might have clocked that but how would you cope with a zombie invasion in rl and that got me thinking.....of course first thing in the morning is no problem as I stagger stiffly round the house... I would blend in perfectly..... But how could we defend the forum for a day against a horde of zombies????

What test could we use to determine who is a fibromite and who is a zombie, what devices could we invent for repelling the zombies ...

VG x

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  • It's easy to tell a zombie from fibromite - if you wallop a fibromite, we're down for the day, but zombies - they just keep on a'comin' !

    The best thing is to hit them with a muddy turnip, or even better, stab them with a daffodil! They don't like it up 'em - oh dear no! :)

    Moffy x

  • That's a much better idea than mine and much lighter ... Staggers onto the forum dragging huge saucepan of red dyed spaghetti I was going to make everyone who came into the forum eat some .... Obviously the zombies should go yuk... As its not brains and the fibromites would chomp happily.....

    Though my idea is more tactful than hitting everyone who comes onto the forum and if we hit lots of fibromites who is going to haul them back up...

  • Rushes (as only a fibrolite can) and promptly falls over and strangely.....very strangely turns into an eight foot high barrier in the doorway.......she knows this will keep them at bay for a time, but knows also that she is likely,nay definately going to return to her jibbering fibro self ere long. As she lies prone she turns her thoughts to more cunning plans..........

    Oh and moffy, no they don't like it at all......hehehe. :-)

  • While you are lying prone... Here eat this spaghetti can't be to careful ....though I have never heard of zombie fog... There is always a first time... Hands foggy a fork with red spaghetti. On it......

  • Of course .....a fibrolite is of course akin to a microlite, but it's a darn pain to get going......:-)

    Shuffles off in search I'll save that idea for later, it may come in handy

  • Gratefully accepts the red wormy stuff and wonders if she's got concussion cos VG seems to have morphed again............

  • I am ..... Super fish .... Zombie hunter .... Actually that sounds like a great title for a b rate movie..... Poses for the camera, then heads off to look for more fibromites to feed spaghetti to.

  • Ah no VG not zombie fog, but I can assure you I lurk about in a lot of zombie movies, especially I like being there in the churchyards as the zombies rise from the graves I give such mystery to the scene....but as I'm on benefits I can't make any money from it....hmmmm

  • Aha next time you get called into the job centre say I am qualified in graveyard fog and if you can find me a vacancy... I,ll do it.... Though not sure how fog can sign a film contract..... Can you just leave a damp X

  • Heehee - there used to be a product called Dampex - it was Foggy all the time - she's probably got millions stashed away from selling an anti-mould paint!

    I reckon you could get an Equity card, Foggy - just for lurking around in graveyard scenes. You wouldn't be able to take a speaking part with your first card - but fog doesn't say a lot, does it?

    VG - what's that stripey blancmange thing you're lurking behind? :D

  • No, clearly I never say a word - you've noticed ;-) had the equity card for years dahhlling......hehehehe

    Foggy x

  • It's my film outfit.... Super fish... Zombie hunter.... Actually I could also write a book About it...

    Looks for an agent ..... One who isn't a zombie...waiting with the spaghetti at the ready ....

  • Ohhh my conservetary and bathroom ceiling are painted with anti mould paint .... So it's all down to foggy......

  • Oh my word,you've found me out........eeekkkk dashes for cover, then pops prone if light mistiness out to suggest that with the stashed millions she takes ALL her fibro friends off to an island in the Maldives where, strangely but cunningly she has arranged for a world authority on fibro to be to help us all get better..........throw out the meds.....we're onto the cocktails hic,,,,hic..... (memories of a week ago on a pirate ship with rum and punches flit in the adled head) de ja vu !

  • Yes, Foggy gets everywhere! Dampex must be her 'Nom de Fog'

    Is there any bolognaise to go with the red spaghetti? And Tiramisu for afters? :)

    You can't fight zombies on an empty tum!

  • Oh yeah, Foggy - I'm coming to your island - I'll fly there by Fibrolite!

  • Yay, her income of millions is now enlarged by the never ending requests for fibrolites .......the market will be flooded , Hang zombies like fibrolites ? Clearly Foggy's adled brain has gone off course ..............No change there then !!!

  • Will a fibrolite carry all of us plus a huge saucepan of spaghetti dyed red some bolognaise and tiramisu ... Hmm I can eat the tiramisu first .. But that won't help the weight issue but it will make me feel better...sits in a corner of the forum looking around for zombies while scoffing tiramisu

  • We'll have to charter a Jumbo Fibrolite - which is rather heavy! It's a bit like a Hercules Transport aircraft. In fact it IS a Hercules, but don't tell the Ministry of Defence - they haven't noticed it's gone missing yet!

    It should be adequate to carry all the spaghetti and tiramisu, plus a cargo of Army surplus sausage rolls. We seem to have acquired a few spare soldiers, too - but I expect we'll find them something to do!

    >>> exits, singing "All the nice girls love a soldier" >>>>>

  • Hic.....l.hic....hic..... Foggy staggers in looking all innocent but the stench of alcohol lingers round her foggy frame.......".good constanoon afterble, I'm not sunk I'm drober " falls over and all on one glass of bubbly......such a sad sight for sore eyes ;-)

  • Ssssshhhhh moffy, thr mod have spies..........looks around cautiously, they may just noticed the trail of red spaghetti, bologwhatever tiramisu and snosage rolls falling from the sky make give us away..........ssssssshhhhhhh

  • One prob for me can't eat pasta products my throat closes and it won't go down, does that mean I'm a fibromite come zombie?

  • I don't want to worry you but I think the pilot is a zombie. :o

  • Aha Sithy then I am afraid you will have to go through the moffy zombie test... And remember if you are a zombie fall over when she pushes you .... Oh I don't think I should have told you that


  • Would fall over with the slightest tap as my balance is shot on another note can I have apple crumble with custard as I don't like tiramisu, I will have some booze rather partiall to perno and orange if you don't have any taboo and lemonade would do failing that there's always cider and black, I know I'm quite the little alcoholic aint I, well I would be but the last time I had any was a half a glass of wine at Christmas, I could always try a cocktail so long as it don't have any rum in it can't stand rum. Sithy

  • What have you done who is making the toffee bullets that kill . Zombies either through the head or by cracking their jaws when they try chewing it works when their teeth fall out and we all know a zombie with out its teeth is like les Dawson on speed Mumble happily rushing to the dentist. Toffee shocker hits six o'clock news. Xgins

  • Sets to making cocktails for Sithy ... Shake shake.... Gins can you make toffee bullets to fire while I make cocktails..... What are we firing the out of ... We could use my old bras as catapults.. ;)

  • I think I'm a zombie anyway!!! Walk like a zombie, gibber like a zombie, groan like a zombie, sometimes drool like a zombie.....yes, I can certainly identify there guys!! Actually, I'd love to play a zombie, be an extra I mean!! Wouldn't need much rehearsing either!!! Now, where did I leave that body?? XX

  • Braaaaaains - oh wait mine are already turned to mush I guess the geriatric zombies with false teeth get mine then :-D

    Storm x

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