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A rose by any other name!

Why are we all so embarrassed about our fibro, and why do we feel the need to explain to people about our condition?

It's none of their business, and we don't owe anyone an explanation, other than perhaps saying that we suffer an arthritic disease which causes problems.

We shouldn't be concerned by what people think, or bother to give details - I guess most of them aren't interested anyway.

Once or twice I have invented fancy names for my fibro - just for the fun of watching the eyebrows twitch.

"Why do you walk with a limp?" they enquire.

"Oh, I have a very rare disease called Strombolising Myofasciation " I reply.

That seems to work well, as does a diagnosis of 'Fulminating Gratinosis'

You can judge the extent of most people's concern (namely their own welfare) when they ask "Oh, God! Is it catching?"

Suggestions, please, for other exotic names by which we can describe the fibro demon!

Anyone for a dose of 'Esoteric Desquamation' or 'Gorbolental Syndrome'?

Try it; after all, laughter is said to be the best medicine!

Yours ... suffering from a bad case of Gluteal Transaminitis ... Moffy

P.S. The above roughly translates as 'a pain in the arse'

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Rofl..... That's better than my reply ... I usually just say my body is cream crackered and my brains going the same way.

Thanks for the laugh VG xx


Great names! I particularly like Fulminating Gratinosis, and if I can remember it through the 'fog' will try it out - LOL.

I wonder what ATOS would make of them on a medical questionnaire?




I definitely think that would be worth a try!

I wonder if having a sense of humour is now viewed as a criminal act? ATOS will probably think it is! x


How about ...

Chronic Reactive Arthritic Pain ( CRAP for short)

Julie xx


Nice one!


Hehe - can't better that one! x


I think we get embarresed because our looks do not do the disease justice - on our good days and with a great deal of will power we present ourselves well and how often all of you do you give this reply when someone says "well havent seen you for ages, how are you" I bet most of you say "oh no it is nice to see you too I am fine thanks" when what we should say "no thats because I have been so ill I have not been out and about so I have to make the most of the good days when I can" - no we probably all say the same "im fine thanks" ...... sometimes just sometimes when sombody says to me "hi how are you, your looking really well" I would just love to say "I feel bl......y awful and I may look well but feel like sh....t".... but I wont (I dont think).....


Sadly Sharon, it's probably best that you don't say much to anyone.

People are mostly interested in their own problems and don't want to listen to anyone else's. I learned a long time ago to save my moans for those who are paid to listen, not that they're all that interested, but at least they might be in a position to help.

Just remember you don't have to explain anything to anyone. If you say you feel ill, that is all the information they need , If you are off sick it's between you and your doctor - it's no one's business but yours.

Being a bit mysterious is the best thing - you don't have to give anything away, but you will appear rather pale and fascinating!


Brilliant post Moffy, made me giggle! lol! :D

I gave up trying to explain and convince anyone about four years ago, I became fed up, sick and tired of people telling me I looked ok when I wanted to crawl under a stone and never come out again with the 24/7 pain and exhaustion etc as well as having other conditions as well as my Fibro!

I found it was easier to cope not telling people anything. If I looked normal people wouldn't ask so many questions and on the rare occasion they did, I fobbed them off lol! Didn't stress me out at all, I found it rather amusing - that's my way of making light of my Fibro, I try not to get too heavy about it and as a result I manage much better these days :)


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