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Looking at web sites offering Syndol noticed on some the printing on the box shown differed from the box I purchased from the chemist. Think there is a need to be alert to be sure the genuine tablets are being offered. Would not put it past some to take the opportunity to make a quick buck selling inferior tablets under the Syndol packaging.

Or am I being over cautious????

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  • Not at all one website says they buy them in from abroad and they are not the same shape as uk syndol tablets ..... That could well be the case paracetamol varies from tablet to capsule ... But I personally wouldn't order from any website that says they import their medicine from abroad

    Yours cautiously too

    VG x

  • Haven't even been tempted to order imported medications, you never know what you might be getting. I guess we will just have to wait and hope the problems get sorted out and we don't have to wait too long until genuine Syndol is back in the stores

  • Reminds me of the 15 year old lad who was selling 'Ecstasy' tablets at £5 each to all and sundry - the Police nabbed him, and found that the pills were in fact dog wormers he'd bought at the local pet shop. :D

    The Police didn't know whether to charge him with possession with intent, fraud, or to congratulate him on his entrepreneurship!

    Seriously - I do hope that Syndol will soon be back on the shelves, 'cos it's very helpful.

    Moffy x

  • I certainly would'nt buy medication on line as you never know what your getting, especially after watching TV the other day a program called fake Britain it covered about fake tablets flooding the market via internet so be save only buy from chemist as you just don't know these days x

  • What is syndol please haven't heard of it.

  • Thank you .

  • I'd be very wary. My pharmacist told me Syndol is not currently in production as the company that makes it is having trouble sourcing the vital ingredient that makes it work. They hope to have it back in production and on the shelves around October/November this year. My hunk is if it don't look like Syndol, it ain't Syndol! This smacks of unscrupulous people taking advantage of people in need and turning their hand to a bit of fraud and risking people's lives into the bargain.

  • Well actually it's my hunch but if any hunks mistakenly come my way I'm keeping 'em! :D x

  • Yeah me too! LOL!

  • Fiiiiiiighhhtttt ..... I want a hunk too... What can we do that is fibro friendly and won't hurt ....... ?????

  • Rock Paper Scissors. Just suggesting. Lol

  • You forgot about Lizard & Spock

  • I hadn't heard if syndol either, but no matter what I wouldn't take a chance and buy any medicines online, unless they came from somewhere like boots or Lloyds etc, places that you know and have reliable customer service too xx

  • Syndol went out of production last year too. It is excellent for headaches and migraines.

  • Syndol went out of production last year too. It is excellent for headaches and migraines.

  • Syndol went out of production last year too. It is excellent for headaches and migraines.

  • I have been buying Syndol from ZimSeller [Edited by Admin[Link removed as per guidelines]Try them, they sell Syndol online and have a very good reputation. Hope this helps somebody who is desperate for Syndol.

  • I have just ordered from Zimseller .paid with PayPal in US dollars and noticed that they will be dispatched from Zimbabwe . Never thought I would resort to buying online but have to have Syndol in cupboard "just in case". Only thing that works for bad headache.

  • Ondoorstep Pharmacy offers a money back guarantee. Syndol is sourced from Adcock Ingram , a reputable JSE listed pharmaceutical company.

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