Blooming specialists!

I haven't been around for a while due to feeling really ill. I've been back and forth from my gp like a yoyo and sent to various specialists. After being diagnosed in January with fibro and hms my health has been really poor. But I've since been back to rheumatology who now say I have quite a bad case of hms but not fibro - only fibromuscular pain. She's also sending me to a neurologist and a psychiatrist.... feel like telling them to pop me in a box and post me between themselves - surely that would be easier?


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  • Hello trae. Sorry you've been having a rough time. Hope you're on the mend, or at least feeling better.

    Oh and can you explain what HMS is? I've never heard of it before.


  • Me neither. :-)

  • Thanks ladytelita x hms stands for Hypermobility syndrome. It's a connective tissue disorder where the body produces too much collagen making joints less sturdy and 'hypermobile'. Apparently it can cause similar symptoms to fibromyalgia or even occur together. Thanks for asking, not many people do xx

  • Thanks. :)

  • No problem :)

  • I'm a fellow HMS er. My GP told me that HMS and FMS go hand in hand. If you have one, you are more than likely going to have the other.

  • :)

  • Morning Trae,

    You have certainly been going the rounds hope you have started to win now remember there is always someone to chat with on line so try and pop in more often.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks gins :)

  • Good to hear from you again trae, looks like they might be getting you sorted now :)

  • I really hope so maryD :) thanks :D

  • Hi there if you are on twitter there is a lady called Isobel Knight who knows a lot about HMS. if you want lots of info. Could probably google her too!

  • Thankyou very much. I'm currently looking into joining the HMSA :) I'll have a looky though xx

  • Her book is brilliant. My GP recommended it to me. As a ballet dancer I was pleased to find she also danced.

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