tut tut vg I'm ready but where is the blog?

tut tut vg I'm ready but where is the blog?

today, I'm on earlier,

fed,watered and toileted.

make- up box - ready!

dressing up box - ready!

silly fun head - ready!

sense of escape from my fibro hell - READY!

VG's next weiird idea/challenge ------------- missing! :( [can't do tears as it's too close to truth]

yours and gins bizarre blogs are all that keep me going somedays, a reason to get up. I'm having emotional lows and flares and need to be daft, communicate, and chuckle - PLEASE start a new one - I'll even share Dermot O'L !


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  • I am over here, waves frantically where I have been stuck since about 8am. In my toilet.... Moffy kazF and Maladjusted saw my predicament and all ran , shuffled staggered off laughing. Even Emma from fibroaction came on saw me stuck in the toilet and I am sure I saw her trying to hide a smirk as she left....I need a rescue plan .... I need some strong men,,,, my tail is stuck in the U bend... Send the army errm no send the navy ... Send someone with a sink plunger just get me out. Have done all wrinkly round the tail and my fins are limp from straining .....and why are you dressed like Groucho Marx

    Yours weakly

    VG xxx

  • I had to find my own disguise that would look good wet!


  • I'm in the hat it's you in the disguise, pretending not to be there!

  • That's not a disguise I always look like that :(

  • I think Libby and PP are hiding somewhere laughing their heads off... I was trying to demonstrate to Charlii how fish trump and being a very clean fish I perched myself above the toilet and slipped , oh the shame ,,,,, and I,m hungry.... :(

  • hrh h is missing today have they got him do you think?

    we need him in fibro 1 to rescue vg again, come on girls it's good to share!

  • Ps thank you for making me the smallest fish in the bowl that wanted poster is a very good likeness ;)

  • Except you got the sex wrong .... I know it's hard to tell with fish but I am wearing a bikini

  • not a tank-ini!

  • my mum once showed me how to sex a fish. i have no idea why, but i do know how.lol

  • Coukpldnt find on and I thought it rather rude to trump in a onsie though think back it would have filled with air and maybe lifted me out.... You could always get jonny depp to stick his arm up the u bend and push me out gently into the waiting arms of Dermot ... Looks hopeful


  • oh I'm gonna miss my dermot.... sigh!

  • Sorry Johnny is otherwise engaged - well you know how he likes to keep getting engaged ;)

  • Have you unglued your lips from his yet from 2 days ago???

  • I was hoping you wouldn't ask that one (blushes)

  • Do you have a pressure washer you could put that up the u bend if jonny depp is fussy about where he puts his hands ,,,, blooming film stars.... Or maybe if HRH has a billiard cue that might clear the blockage as a last resort.. That would leave you Dermot and jonny depp to yourself

  • I'd already decided to keep 'em - evil chuckles. "hello is that dyno-rod?",,,,,,

  • Oh my do you have any idea how much they charge .... Far too expensive get the pressure washer from my neighbours oh just get me the whole fire brigade in uniforms with their extra long hoses


  • Stop chuckling evilly you are enjoying this aren't you :o

  • And where is gins when you need her.... I haven't seen her I think for 2 days???

  • she said she was planning a good blog but now she's missing now. I'm getting worried I'll go next and won't notice until I'm dust...


  • Oh she ran off on a dodgem but where she ended up no one knows..... Not a phone call not a telegram not even a postcard.......

  • I think she hijacked HRH, strapped him to the back of her dodgem and well.....!

    That's why he's not around to rescue YOU VG! :-D

    But there's always Russell - Libs lent him to me a couple of days ago. She said she wanted him back, but I could send him to you instead? :-/


  • I had to self edit my reply as it looked rude.

    basicaly it promoted rc being able to remove you by using a good tug!

    I've set jonny free and dermot and I are going to watch a romcom.


  • His armour will get wet and he will go rusty in my bathroom though you could send him dressed more appropriately for a wet rescue


  • Oooh - Missus - And just what would that be now - Speedos?

    Maybe I'll hang onto him just a little bit longer.....

  • Never fear VG, I will get you out - just got one of those reach/grab things from Social Services. I am sure it will do the trick, you would be amazed at the things it can reach and grab, so I am sure a little fish like you won't prove too much of a problem - hang on

  • or the teenage mutant hero turtles - heroes in a half-shell!

    we need our vg.


  • Oh got you VG, out you come. Oh dear, sorry your fin got bent. I'll just toss you into the bath now as I am sure you need to freshen up after spending most of the day stuck around the U-bend

  • Ow ow ow who put the bubbles on extra fast I,m still limp and exhausted I need warm bubbles a hot drink and every available man we have to carry me out


  • Looks under a fin.. Oh my its the reach and grab ... Sorry M its a little bent and covered in fish scales....

  • Heaves herself out of the bath and waddles into the room where Sandra and Dermot are watching a film, plonks herself inbetween them and starts stuffing on maltesers,

    Very tasty...... Now could someone fluff my fins for me.... Hmmmhmmmm

  • More like the ones David beckham is wearing grins happily :D

  • Sandra could you get me and Dermot some popcorn please ????

  • :'(

    why can't you have jonny? dermy is mine - you can have all my maltesers and the rest f this cream egg...

  • I want jonny but someone set him free and M glued herself to his lips again I can't find Russell Crowe the nearest thing to him in my kitchen is a russel Hobbs toaster and that's not very appealing :(

  • actually the loo is not much further.... dermy I need help.

  • apparently, like the computer "dermy says no" he really needs to go home to his beautiful wife. huh - fed up now, where's my cream egg?,

  • Do NOT lock yourself in the bathroom with Dermot or I will send my son round and he will rant on about your lack of morals.. ( see earlier thread) . He has no qualms about shouting it out


  • In the toaster..... Toaster... I mean fridge....

  • can't find it anywhere.

  • What , the loo .... the fridge .... the toaster...... or the egg,,,, actually I think I could make that into a working title of a childrens book..

    What are you looking for my dear..... Hides the egg and tries to look helpful

  • my cream egg!

    I don't think dermot would have eaten it.

    would your book be about what came first? 'cos the answer is a chicken.


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