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Hi all ;

was suggested to me that i write a small blog about the course i am doing and who i am doing it with so here i go.

It first started when i first off work due to Fibro. I knew that i couldn't carry on with my job any more. But then i found myself being at home with nothing to do and i wanted to work again but i knew the only way i was going to be able to get another decent job was to get some new qualifications to put me in a good stead of getting a less strenuous job. i found the site they have less courses now than they did two years ago but they are free if you are on benefits i did not have a level 2 in ITQ that Information Technology Qualification. doing this at home suited me fine, i had tried to do it in a class room setting before on several occasion in the pass whilst i was working but never finished it. i completed the course on line and got my certificate. now i am doing, and have nearly finished my second course with which is Business and Administration.

there are benefits to doing courses on line with our condition as you do it when you feel like it. you have a set amount of hours per week they would like you to do but often this is not set in stone as long as you get your assignments in on time. the course is over a period of 4-5mths; depending on how long you take to complete each assignment because you can get extensions should you need them.

I am no bright spark and i find the courses fairly easy so i am sure you will too so why not give it a go. Others who are doing online course are think i may try them at a later date should my brain not frazzel by then. lol. hope this have been of some help to someone and thanks Christine for suggesting this.

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well good for you for doing this it is nice when you can do it at home too good luck and glad you got somethimg to do in the early hours and it keeps your mind fresh too love to you diddle x


Yes Chris it has given me a purpose in life. Although i was made redundant at least now i don't feel redundant and still feel i have a bit of worth left in me.

Love Gloria



I study online. I am studying to be a counsellor. Its good practice. For future reference. From kerry x


Hi Kerry,

I was so glad to see that there is hope for us all. I had enquired about studying councelling also but it is over an hours drive to course from where I live and an hours drive home one evening a week. So think by the time I get there I may not even make it into the class as will have fallen asleep when I have parked the car !.

Could you help me and advise me as to what site or who you are studying counselling with online.

Hope it is all going well for you and not too difficult. Thank you



Great this is what is needed net working see the government can't say we are not working lol we are helping them to do their job on here. hope you find something that suits you Siobhan. and good luck Kerry in yours too. i wanted to do a councelling course but i know i would be doing most of the crying and that would be just doing course never mind actually councelling lol. XXXX


Hi Gloglo, good to hear you are doing something positive. I wish I could do something similar but find these days I have no concentration span even to read a newspaper some days. All the best and good luck xx



i too suffer with really bad attention span but i do a little and then leave it come back to it later days that i really can't do it i don't i do push myself into trying to do it but if i feel that i can't that day for what ever reason whether pain or brain fog i just leave it. if i have missed a week i send my tutor a message explaining why i have missed that week and she understands and says as long as i get my assignments in on time its ok but you can ask for extension.

the main reason why i am doing it is because i need another avenue to go down should one day the government say i have to work whether or not i have fibro i wouldn't put it pass them. At least i would have a better choice of job to choose from as to whether i would physically be able to do it is another matter. but that will be for them to sort out.

but go ahead a try one try one on the Vision2learn web site. hope you do.


Sounds great Gloglo, I'm looking into courses myself at the moment and its good to hear that others with fibro are managing too. I tried a condensed course in physio and anatomy, which was classroom based, but found I could not cope with the onslaught of information and it really knocked my confidence for a while. I am now looking into on-line courses even though I would prefer to be around people managing the fibro makes it harder to study in a classroom environment. Well done to you and keep up the good work. I'm sure you'll make a success of your future. Blue hippo xx


Hi bluehippo,

i know just what you mean about studying in a classroom environment. it does knock your confidence because you are unable to concentrate for long periods of time and also if your in pain. good to hear your doing something it helps to keep the brain going, plus you can do it as and when it suits you. i have just finished mine i'm waiting on their feedback. thanks for the encouragement love and good luck with yours too let me know how you getting on. XXXX


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