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Busy Bee

Hello everyone! I've been a busy bee lately and wantedto share ewith you what I have been up to!

Firstly, my friend and I wrote a book for kids who have parents with an invisible illness or chronic pain. It's beautifully illustrated and we created an easy to implement system for the whole household to use no matter what kind of day the parent is experiencing. So far we've had nothing but 5* reviews on Amazon! The name of the book is Tot's Tale About the Clever Colour System. And we are working on our next book now, which is introducing a service dog into the family.

Secondly, for the past 18 months my husband has been developing a smartphone app called FibroMapp which is going to be released in June. Our beta testers love the app as it tracks pain, locating of pain, type of pain, mood, fatigue. It has a sleep tracker to monitor your sleep and sleep debt and a meds tracker including an alarm. It also has a journal, which I personally find very cathartic. All data is culminated into graphs and charts which can be downloaded and printed... Making this an excellent backup tool for doctors as well as for benefits.

My husband received a grant through the Scottish government to do the app and it has been professionally graphic designed. He has set up as a social enterprise and the app will be for sale through a variety of fibro charities - globally. Which 50pc of the net profit will go to for each sale.

So we're very excited at the opportunity of being able to provide tools to help people gain more control and understanding of their fibro as well as providing a fundraising opportunity for charities. (A similar set up has also been done with the book and UK Fibromyalgia and FMA UK and Fibroduck have all written articles and are selling the book).

The website still needs to be upgraded for the App so it's not as pretty as it is going to be, but there is a place to register so when the app is released you will be emailed to let you know it's available. [Link removed by Admin. Please message the author for more information if wanted. For details of our policy on commercial promotion, see the guidelines]

So! Busy! The thing is, my inspiration for both of these projects had been in having fibro and meeting wonderful people who also have it... And wanting to make a difference in their lives.

So there you have it! I've been a busy fibro bee! All done from my bed, on meds, ice and heat!

A. X

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Wow, you have been busy and to good effect too. Well done you.


Thank you! It's good to have been able to find stuff that willhhopefully make a difference in people's lives!


Congratulations it is a whicked idea and will help so many people :) xgins


What a clever couple you are. Well done.


Thanks sweetie. I decided 2 years ago that I was going to take on Bugs Bunny's mantra 'if you can't beat it, join it' so I wanted to do stuff to make a difference for other people and hopefully help us financially as well. A.x


Cool how much will the app be? Could do with that. Memory like sieve. Where am I...xx


Hi there. The app will be £3.99 and I'm sure you will find it worth every penny. It certainly has helped beta testers (myself included) for not only meds but to track sleep and provide documented info to doctors. I now send my reports to consultants a week in advance to my appointment and so far they all not only find it helpful but interesting, too.

a. X


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