Anyone else get totally bored and even more fed up when they are 'resting?' I have always been a busy bee and still fail miserably at this pacing lark, despite having been diagnosed with fibro for over a year now. I tend to give in when my body really can't move any more, but then when I'm sat down, after 5 minutes I'm bored! There's nothing good to watch on tv and I'm ok if my hands are working, as I can pop on the laptop or even do some cross stitch or embroidery. But when they give up...and I'm just sat there with nothing to distract from the's, well, as absoulte pain! Any ideas anyone??

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  • Well I took up a hobby ...... writing on this blog and on FB and rattling cages lol seriously tho it does get to us I am in some sort of electric fuse system where e verything is failing on me my sight and my hearing are failing so I cant read and talking can be a misson of course selective hearing and sight can be useful at times. Petal

  • Oh my yes I used to drive cycle knit sew crochet swim run use computer decorate now I have an iPad and a mobility scooter took a long time to adjust I went through a sort of grieving proces for the bubbly bouncy 43 yr old I used to be .... 4 years on I still have bad sad days but have finally accepted I am not going to be cured. Have had fybromyalgia since I was 25 but managed it well with exercise until the arthritis set in 4 years ago then the fybromyalgia reared it ugly little head and took over.

  • Yep i get really bored too and since ive been off work i have got myself into a routine as i know what i watch in the mornings on tv!!!!! I have been a bit better since i came on here though reading through all the blogs and questions....But yes like you i find resting really boring and read at least 1 maybe 2 books a week!!!!!

    Jo xx

  • morning all , i get fed up to i have taken up doing jigsaws and painting by numbers,untill my hands start aching ,back get sore,and everything achs , like today board out of my skull .cant wait till monday of to see my littlesister in the i.o.w .for a few days ,hope the weather is better down there ,

  • Try listening to comedies on the radio.

    I have also found that if I want to sleep heavy rock music helps. If I just lie there my brain goes 19 to the dozen but a few rounds with a bat out of hell and I can't think of anything else and I relax

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