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local things to do

Hi just wondering what you all do when your able to get out and about? Where I live there are so many lovely beaches and things as long as you wrap up warm in this weather and nice coffee shops. But I do find there's not much about that's not too strenuous at the same time as sitting in the car or in a coffee shop can make me even more tired. Just wondering what you all do.

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I have only just got out of the house (bar GP appointments) .. It's been Months, about 7 months since I was able to manage doing anything so strenuous as an outing (pain & fatigue hit as you all will understand).

But a couple of days ago, my oh drove me to the wonderful gardens of a National Trust property nearby called Stourhead. Very tentatively I ventured round in my new wheelchair taking care to follow the 'wheelchair route' (ignore at your peril).. It was so nice to feel almost 'normal'.

Sure I was totally exhausted by the time I got home. It will take me days to recoup, but the joy of actually being out will stay with me.

The National Trust allow a carer in free so that was good, and I do hope to make another trip out in time. I took it at my pace. That was the key.



You're right, Jimjams - take it at your own pace, and it's surprising how much you can achieve.

I have both fibro and RA, and when I get up in the morning it's all I can do to get to the bathroom. I know, however, that a some pain killers and a good hot shower will get me more comfortable, and no matter how tired I am, I try to get out of the house and have a stroll - or a 'creep' - as my daughter describes it.

Southampton is a good town if you're 'wonky' - everything is within easy reach, including scenic views of the harbour, so I have plenty of places to creep to!

I enjoy the library very much, and they have easy chairs, so I can have a rest. They even have walking aids with book-baskets on the front - how good is that?

No matter how much you feel you've overdone it afterwards, it's still so good to get out and live a a little, and if you take it really gently, the after effects are never as bad! :)

Moffy x



I stay in a town just outside of Glasgow. I enjoy spending time at the stables and when I am feeling good I sometimes ride, going walks to the loch along the road especially with my Goddaughter, reading and knitting which I sometime take with me on my walk and find a little space & spending time in the garden when I can - I grow my own vegetables so that is good fun :)

Charlie x


hiya...a womens' group and a book club are both great, as long as I can get up and hobble about from time to time during the course of the evening. I have a stroller now, and that doubles the distance I can go because I can sit down when I need to. Using both hands to spread body weight also means my one wrist doesn't swell so much as when I used a stick. Getting out and about is a nightmare in the winter, though. That is the real problem. aberc


I live not far from beaches i North Wales and I sometimes drive there just to see the sea. I think there's something intensely satisfying and peaceful about the sea. I just love to sit there, hear the lapping of the waves on the shore and very often fall asleep!! I can't walk, very, very limited mobility, but I'm happy just to sit there and relax!! XX


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