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ESA questions

I wrote on here for help a couple of weeks ago explaining a bit about my situation..

What it was, was on the 5th of April my ESA was stopped but I didn't find out about it until the 12th, something to do with a 365 day rule. So I rang up and the lady I spoke to said she's said out a form for me so apply for Income Based ESA, well after nearly 2 weeks of waiting for the forms I received them last Tuesday, and it was a questionnaire asking about my Income, and savings. So I filed it in and sent it back.

I currently only get DLA, I'm single and I have no other money coming in. What I'm wanting to know is.. Does my DLA benefits effect my claim for ESA income based? And how long does is take for some kind of decision?

Because they will have only only of received the forms last Wednesday/Thursday, but this morning I noticed I had an ESSA Payment in my bank? It's confused me with it been so quick and I haven't received any kind of letter for them, the money is looking tempting as I've had no money for weeks and now Crisis Loans have stopped I'm unable to get help, so don't really want to spend it in case it's a mistake.

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DLA is not considered income so is not used when trying to work out entitlement. Anyone can get DLA, if disabled enough, irrespective of income or savings. If you are unsure why not phone the DWP office dealing with your claim to make sure you can use the money, sometimes they can be quite efficient. It's surprising when you hear of so many errors being made.


Yup as silver star says DLA is completely seperate , you can work and get DLA so it shouldn't affect your claim in anyway

VG x


You are correct that Crisis Loans 6ave been abolis6ed, but t6ey 6ave been replaced by local council discretionary loans. You s6ould 5o on your council website to see 6ow to apply. If t6is fails you may be entitled to a bud5etin5 loan. C6eck wit6 your local Citizens Advice Bureau. (Apolo5ies for typos, knackered keyboard!)


It could be that they are paying you the assessment rate (i.e. the rate they pay people while they are looking at your claim) I Appealed against their decision and while ive been waiting for their decision they have paid me an assessment rate. x


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