Oeosophagus Dysmotility

I was admitted in to hospital on the 9th of April and prepared for theatre ,and told I was second on the list,After 2 hours the surgeon came to talk to me and said as I had been reffered to her by someone else from ENT, and she had not seen me personally in clinic, she did not want to put me under general anaesthetic ,And wanted to get a barium swallow and meal done.So I was sent home.I had the Barium test last Monday and by Thursday I had a letter from her saying,I have Moderate dysmotility in the lower third of my Oeosophagus .Has anyone else got this ..

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  • Sorry, but not heard of this before. Does it cause you difficulty in swallowing? How bad does it have to get before the surgeon will do anything?

    I hope it's a long time before you need surgery. Becky. X

  • ive never heard of it google it i hope you find out what it is and set your mind to rest take care sandra xx

  • I have Googled it .It means the bottom of the Oesophagus is not contracting as it should so it is slowing the movement of food into my stomach .Which in turn is causing me to have a really bad cough which leaves me worn out.They will need to do something because if it gets to bad it can cause Cancer . I will let you know what happens .

  • I have Dudonitus and a hiatus hernia and also have a slow GI Tract which I am on medication for these. Do not know if this is connected to FM ?

  • I think it must be because I believe althoughI could be wrong the oesophagus is muscular and pushes the food to the stomach,and lets face it we all have trouble with our muscles .

  • Google is fine.. But please remember not every site is medically sound and some do make very grim reading please don't worry yourself too much... Easier said than done I know.... Let us know what happens next

    VG x

  • I will keep you informed ,I have had this chronic cough for over two years and have allsorts of tests .it has taken the barium swallow to pin point it. What doesn't help is the fact I lost my cousin to oesophageal cancer at Christmas . I will let you know what happens next.xx

  • Hope everything goes well for you.

    The thing is now you know what it is, your halfway home

    It will be fine.

    Big hugs bibileatherdale

  • Thank you all for your concern.I am sure all will be well, but at the moment I feel pretty unwell .Plus my main hobby is singing in choirs three to be exact, and my voice keeps letting me down rasping,On May 21st along with one group I hope to be doing a charity concert for The British Heart Foundation ,I hope I will be well enough I have already decided I will only drink soup that day .As for the pains in my back, legs and feet I will need to take all medication that day. .It is for a good cause,and the last charity night we did raised over £1000 .maybe next year I can I can persuade them to do one for Fibromyalga research. .

  • I have had no voice since January of this year and they have nearly pinned it down to my tummy, I had 25 xray's last week to see if my food is progressing down my tummy etc. I have really bad acid reflux and sick every time I eat, they have given me medicine to stop me being sick and I am still being sick not every time I eat but mostly. Because I am being sick so much and have so much acid because my food is sitting there, it has destroyed my vocal cords and not sure what happens from here. Have an appointment to see gastro people in middle of May to get results but they did say they were probably gong to operate, as I also have a Hyiatus Hernia. I to was suppose to stqart a choir in April, but cant talk, let alone sing at the moment. I hate not being able to sing, it brightens my mood. They also think I have early onset Dementia, does anyone else have this or is this perhaps a separate issue?

  • I hope every thing goes well for you let me know how you get on . I think my digestive system is slow as well ,I have suffered constipation for over 20 years.I had a colonoscopy last year and was told to take a laxative every day and not to let myself get that way again. I also have a lot of acid this has caused ulcers on the back of my throat at times and take medication for it .

    Singing really does brighten the mood ,I love music of all sorts apart from Jazz and Rap

    my grandaughter was staying with me when she was 10 year old and said to me one day Nan do you know every song ,I had not realised just how much I do sing so I would hate to loose my voice altogether. Take care I hope they sort you out soon .xxx

  • They thought I early on-set dementia but twas just low B12 and i have to have shots every 3 months. Get your doc to do a blood test. The B12 really does help. Now when i get confused everybody says "Must be time for your B 12 " and that has becomea catch phrase for anyone making a mistake, B 12 time. Xx

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