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Hi everyone sorry not around as much but DLA

Hi everyone sorry not around as much but DLA

I received my brown envelope saying received and if not heard in 8 wks to get intouch.

My car gave up yesterday the clutch cable! Grrr

I went pain management today and i am emotional wreck at moment as no injections but will add yet more pain relief and sending me pain physcologist wtf !! Sorry but i understand forms of pains, meds and categories of Who needs what.

My walking is seizing up more and hips and pain and heaviness.

Wrk and my sons having to move out of rented place by may 3 rd .

As much as my problems are not as bad as some it still takes a lot of my time up and the stress thT adds to it all.

Hope you are all coping best you can

Sending hugs to you all xxx

Ps treated myself today as down to nails !

A Chinese lady did it and was rough and quick and i wont be going back

There :-(


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hope you feel better soon take care

love beth x


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