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Occupational health interview? What do I do?


Hi first apologies for not updating my pain management course. Been so tired no energy for anything. Anyway I've missed a couple of days off work and even though I only work two days I've been called up on it. If I'd got a note off doctor and been off tor a month it wouldn't be s problem, but because I've missed the odd days here and there I'm being punished! To start off I had an union rep with me for a meeting at school and they have offered me two separate days so I can have a break in between. Tomorrow morning I've got a. Appointed?the union rep told me not to say how bad I was as they could say I was unfit for work, but in reality I am struggling to work so what do I do! Please can somebody help me I need advice? Do I go and tell them how I am on my best or worst day?

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Hi mariG,

i should take your Union Reps advice on this one, because occupational health are only aiming at two things - to keep people at work if at all possible, or to get rid of them if they can't perform.

Basically they are paid to have the interests of the company or institution they work for as their number one priority, and to observe correct welfare obligations towards the workforce because that's legally necessary.

Your union rep will be used to this, and he will know how best to play it.

Very best of luck, but don't get too worried. It's possible they may even take measures to make your work easier if they want to retain you. When all is said and done, if the work is really a struggle for you, it might be best to cut your losses and find something more suitable.

Moffy x

Thanks Moffyx I certainly could do with a change but I'm afraid I won't get another job as good, as it's a job in school, which means all school holidays off. The way I'm being treated at the moment I think they are trying their best to push me put :-(

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