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Progesterone advice - sensitive

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Hey, I had a natural FET with no medication or progesterone (I have had previous medicated cycles and both were unsuccessful) and I have had my BFP. I’m currently 5 weeks 4 days. I rang my miscarriage clinic (as I’ve had 3 early miscarriages from natural conception) and the Doctor is prescribing me high dose folic acid and cyclogest pessaries.. I’m a bit reluctant with the pessaries as I haven’t been on any hormones / medication this cycle so just wondering why I need it now? I did query it with the Doctors receptionist and she checked with her and said she still feels it would be beneficial to me. I guess what I want to know is, is there any harm to taking progesterone if you don’t need it? Anyone have anything similar? Thank you xx

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I’ve not done a natural FET however from what I’ve read Progesterone can only help, and there doesn’t seem to be any negatives in using it.

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MiniS5 in reply to JustAGirl21

Thank you for replying x

HelloCongratulations on your BFP.

Although I did have a medicated transfer, I have also had my BFP. I’m on cyclogest pessaries and after a blood test last week I am now also on Lubion (progesterone injections) as my progesterone levels were low.

Pessaries seem pretty standard so I wouldn’t worry, but could be worth your clinic doing a blood test to check your levels if you’re worried xx

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MiniS5 in reply to SPLPX

Thanks SPLPX and congratulations to you too! I think that’s a good idea.. I will speak to the clinic and see if I can get it checked thank you x

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SPLPX in reply to MiniS5

I have also had a MC previously so I completely get your worries! It’s so hard because you want to be excited over the BFP but anxiety is through the roof!Wishing you the best of luck 🥰

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Hope_1234 in reply to SPLPX

Hi SPLPX I had my transfer today and my blood test came back today that my progesterone levels are low. They have also told me to add lubion injections daily injections from today (currently also on 3 cyclogest pessaries per day)

Congrats on your BFP. If you don't mind me asking what were your progesterone levels on transfer day?

Mine have come back as 29.4. worried they are a bit low but looking for someone who's been in similar situation as me xx

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SPLPX in reply to Hope_1234

Hi We seem to be in the same boat. I am on 3 pessaries and also 1 Lubion injection a day.

My levels weren’t check before or on the day of transfer (which now I feel is weird) but a week after my BFP on test day, I had a blood test and it came back as 30.7 nmol/L.

I looked online at what is should be and you have to convert to a different measurement (ng/L) which mine came in at 12.28 and the bracket in first trimester should be 11-44.

I have another blood test tomorrow so u can let you know if they have increased in a week if that helps xx

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Hope_1234 in reply to SPLPX

Awww best of luck. Yeah keep me updated .. have my fingers crossed for you x

Congratulations! I had a natural FET but took progesterone (pessaries and injections) from transfer to 12 weeks. I’ve had a previous miscarriage and figured it was worth giving my body all the support I could to get me through the early weeks. High dose folic acid is also prescribed in certain circumstances - I had it because I’m older and my BMI is slightly above what it should be. I can’t think there’s any harm in taking either xx

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MiniS5 in reply to Libsie3103

Hey Libsie, hope you are keeping well. I’ve just been prescribed high dose folic acid too.. can I ask if you take these in conjunction with any other vitamins? I currently take impryl daily which already had 400 folic acid in so unsure if I should stop taking that and just take the high dose! Xx

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Libsie3103 in reply to MiniS5

I was on high dose folic acid as well. I stopped most of my pre & during IVF supplements after transfer and just took a pregnancy multi vitamin and folic acid. Some you need to come off gradually. I didn’t take impryl so I can’t remember what it’s for but I’d check whether you need to keep taking it xx

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MiniS5 in reply to Libsie3103

Thanks Libsie I’ll call the consultant again tomorrow

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