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Low AMH Cycle update. Starting stims tomorrow!


Hello Ladies. As promised, a cycle update from me! I have finished my 21 days of Microgynon30. It’s my CD1 today so on CD2 tomorrow il start Buserelin and Bemfola 300iu. My first scan is booked for Monday 20th. I’m so glad the microgynon stage is over. Last round I found it the most difficult part because it made me feel terribly hormonal 🤦🏻‍♀️ I dreaded the injections as I really feared the side effects but apart from a moderate headache and mild bloating I actually felt pretty well. I’m really hoping this time around is the same 🤞🏻 The Bemfola has been doubled this time from 150 to 300iu so I hope the side effects don’t increase. For those of you who haven’t read my previous posts, my AMH was 2.3pmol in February 2019 and we haven’t bothered to retest it since. I had 6 follicles on my baseline scan and I have just turned 35 in May. I’m posting the progress of this round in the hope it may be useful in some way to some one. My first round of IVF/ICSI was in April/May 2019 and resulted in my little boy who is now nearly six months old. We had just 2 eggs collected.

Sending Love to all you strong ladies 💪🏻 Xx

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Good luck!!! Wishing you all the best xxx

Thank you 🙏🏻 Hope you are keeping well! Not long to go now 🥰 Xx

Hi Countrymouse, Wishing you good luck. Your story gives me hope that you were successful previously.

I too have low AMH, very similar number to you. I am on my first IVF cycle and am on day 12/13 stims and slowly progressing after they upped my meds. But I only have 5 follicles today’s size was 16,13,12,7,5 so mixed maturity. I am likely to be stims for another 5-6 days unless something quickly happens by Wednesday.

Just hoping I have enough follicles which could be successful, hoping it’s quality over quantity!

Hello 👋🏻 and thank you 🙏🏻I only had 3 follicles during the whole of round 1 so you are in a better place than I was I think. It really does only take one golden egg ! Have got my fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻 Xx

Wishing you all the luck lovely, here's to the low AMH gang 😃🙌 xx

Thank you 🙏🏻 Best of luck for your 2ww 🤞🏻🤞🏻✨Xx

Great to hear your update! Wishing you lots of luck xxx

Thank you so much 😊Hope you are doing ok ✨Xx

Wow this is an amazing and very positive story you have shared. Lots of luck for this round. I too have a low AMH. This is our first round of IVF, hopefully starting stims on Tuesday after 3 weeks of down regulation on buserelin. We have a daughter conceived naturally and sadly lost a baby last year due to ectopic. Lots of luck and thank you for sharing, I look forward to following your story.

Hello 👋🏻 So sorry you have been through such a tough time. This is a relatively old post. My round resulted in a BFN but I’m already posing on our round 3. Very best of luck for your round. Everything crossed for you ✨🤞🏻✨Xx

Ah so sorry for the BFN lots of luck for you too for round 3. Thank you for replying x

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