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Question on Clearblue ovulation test



I bought clearblue tests which are supposed to track estradiol and LH and it says on the package to test after your longest sleep. So I have tested every morning. The estradiol rise was caught by the test (flashing smile) but 10 days later, the LH was not caught (non flashing smile). In parallel I am doing LH strips in the afternoon and got 2 high readings (0.7 2 days ago and 0.6 yesterday) but no peak. The LH test notice says that LH cannot be tested in the morning. So I am wondering whether it was useless to do the clearblue tests on waking up. Also wondering whether I missed my peak or maybe I have not peaked this month? (Last month, i did 2 ovulation strips per afternoon and did not even get a high reading)

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Hi Lilly. I don't know about the strip tests but with the digital one I always do at least 2, maybe 3 tests a day when getting very close to ovulation. I go from a good few days of flashing smiley to solid smiley but find if I test only once a day I'd often miss the peak reading. So for me I usually start doing 2 tests a day on day 13

Lilly12255 in reply to AuroraXen

Thanks for replying. What time do you get the non flashing smiley, indicating the LH surge?

AuroraXen in reply to Lilly12255

Hmm last time it was about 11.30am xx

Are these the dual hormone sticks that come with the mini reader? Not the big machine that only let's you test in the morning once a day right? The dual hormone is great and you can test as often as you like through out the day. I started doing it 2-3 times a day from day 10 but you decide when on your cycle.

Thanks for replying. It’s the dual hormones test reader. What time do you get the non flashing smiley, indicating the LH surge?

I usually do one in the morning and one after dinner as I approach ovulation day I have smiley face at both times of the day on different months but mainly in the evening ones xx

Lilly12255 in reply to Twiglet2

Thanks for replying. What time do you get the non flashing smiley, indicating the LH surge? Also in the morning?

Twiglet2 in reply to Lilly12255

solid smiley mostly in the evenings 👌🏻 But did have it once in a morning. Sorry that’s what I meant to write earlier 🙈 lockdown loopy 🤣 xx

I am also using dual hormone Clearblue for years because one box is enough for me for few good months (20 tests).

Do not worry about testing with morning urine this is also what I do. I do not test more than once a day and I am getting clear results. There is trick with these tests and you will only understand if you have 2 holders. Once you are starting testing the holder is set up to show you flashing smile until they will detect pick (solid smile) even if your Oestrogen is going down in case you missed your ovulation. As an example - you can test until last day of your cycle and you will still get a flashing smile as test thinks that u haven’t ovulated yet.

These tests are quite expensive my advice is better to use some simple/cheap OPK tests and only when you will see that line is getting darker start to use Clearblue for more accurate results, at some point you will understand how they work and you will only use Clearblue after that.

Finger crossed 🤞

Lilly12255 in reply to Ranchu90

Thanks for replying. What time of the day would you use clearblue to detect the LH surge?

Ranchu90 in reply to Lilly12255

I am always using first urine in the morning, usually 7 o’clock 😊 when I get up

I didn’t get on too well with clear blue dual OPK- as I have high estrogen due to having endo. I used the clear blue digital that only detected a Lh surge. When i felt close to ovulating I’d test 2-3 times a day. After my third lap for endo & using clear blue OPK I conceived my daughter definitely feel it helped us. Good luck🙂 xxx

Lilly12255 in reply to jess1981

Thanks for replying. What time do your test show the LH surge?

jess1981 in reply to Lilly12255

I saw the LH surge at lunchtime about 1sh. xxx

Hi Lilly,

You should test first thing in morning and then 12 hours later. Once you get the static smiley, you should ovulate up 36 hours later. I have used these when preparing for a natural FET and all lines up ☺️xxx

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