Negative ovulation tests-yet normal periods.

Hi everyone!

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this. I have unexplained infertility-my periods are 28 days and really regular each month. Yet when I use ovulation test I don't get high or peak fertility. I have tried them pretty much constantly incase I am ovulating outside of the 'normal' period but nothing. My day 21 bloods indicated I was ovulating and came back normal. No sign of PCOS either as per Consultant. Also I'm using Clearblue Duel Hormone Kit. Have also tried cheaper ones but same results!

TIA xx

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  • Is this every month? Sometimes we have annovulatory months - this is what my GP said anyway, although if you read some websites they say that is not usual but I think I will stick with what my GP has said - there is a lot of conflicting info on the web which doesn't help the stress levels! Anyhow I used the sticks and have had some months like this. Also had the 21 day blood test and that came back fine that I had ovulated but stupidly I didn't use the fert sticks that same month to check their accuracy!

    I've since given up on them as I was getting to fixated on it and now just have as much sex as we can possibly stand!

    Best wishes x

  • Hi! I was using them about 6 months ago and it was showing I was ovulating. Then I stopped as I really needed a break from the intensity. Decided after we got all clear results to give it a good go again so started using them last month and this month and I just keep getting the high or peak days. Yet my period came last month exactly on day 28 and expect this month to be the same as I have been so spot on xx

  • I find that unless I'm testing 4/5 times a day on "fertile" days it is easy to miss a positive test. In just a few hours you can go from two lines to one.. the only way I've known for sure I've ovulated on those times is because my temperatures have shown a clear and sustained shift xx

  • Goodness really. Three/Four days ago I was sure I was ovulating as had the pain but I had tested the previous day/that day/ and the day after and nothing. Tested this morning and still nothing. I am day14 today so will test over next few days just incase but maybe I need to test a couple of times a day x

  • My average ovulation is cd16 but it's been as early as 14 and as late as 17 😕 x ps always test at the same times each day

  • Is it really such a small window? Does that mean if you don't have sex at that time you've missed it? Gah! that is worrying.

  • It's about a 3-4 day window when you're at your most fertile but sperm can live in the body up to about 5 days I think.. There are other fertile signs to look out for such as your cervical mucus (sorry tmi) lol 😂

  • My doctor told me not to worry about those tests as they don't work for everyone. They didn't for me so I got rid of the sticks and machine as it drove me nuts! I temp'd for years and blood tests proved I was ovulating like you with a regular 28 day cycle.

  • I always back mine up with temperatures, but charting your cycles is not for everyone x

  • Def agree with you each to their own it wasn't until I gave up all of the testing and tracking and used the 'fate' method that I was successful! X

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