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Finally IVF round 2:


Hi everyone, finally we had our review from first IVF cycle and went through each step. We had no frozen embryos from first cycle and although we had 8 eggs, our one and only blastocyst did not implant, this was back in November and I've been driving myself crazy as I was worried it was the egg quality that failed us.

We had the review on Monday and we've been told now that actually the way things were going it was the sperm quality that need improving! We've been to told to start Proxeed Plus for my husband also this time we are going to do ICSI.

I've been taking Bio Ubiquinol 200 mg since November hoping it help. I'm starting Norethisterone on 5th February.

I do hope it all goes well for us and everybody who is starting a cycle.

Finger-cross 2020 ❤️

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Hi Mara. Sorry to hear this, but pleased to hear that they are going to do ICSI next time round. Just wanted to wish you well with it all and for success of course. Diane

Mara84 in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you so much Diane, its been the toughest journey of my life as you know...

Good they made a suggestion for something to improve next round. Sounds positive 💐 sending hugs, it’s a tough oul road ! 😘

Mara84 in reply to RhinoCat

Hi, thank you so much for writing to me. I do hope this time we get result.

I’m more stress this round!


Hi Mara,

Just wanted to say, Proxeed made a huge difference for us so hopefully will for you as well! Good luck with round 2 x

Mara84 in reply to KiboXX

Hi!! Thank you so much for writing to me and great to know Proxeed actually worked for you.

Thanks again 😘

Hi mara84

I'm in the same boat as yourself. Ours is my husbands sperm quality and motility. We have had one failed icsi so far, currently taking a break and going to re try in April 2020. Its very emotionally draining but, we will all get there eventually.

I personally am 36 and husband is 35 we were trying for 4years before we started icsi.

Please feel free to shout if you wanna chat as feel we are both going through the process at similar times.

Wishing us both baby fairy 🧚‍♂️ dust in our next cycles.

Mara84 in reply to Snowlady

Hi lovely! Thank you so much for writing to me. I’m so sorry to hear you are facing similar circumstances...

You know exactly how I feel, although I was happy it was not my egg quality, now that we are doing our second round I’m feeling very sad that we wasted my eggs in our first round....

We are similar in age, I’m 35 years also and my husband is 42. Funny enough we never been told before that we have problems we his sperm although when I study his result his Morphology is on the borderline...

For this round we tried to prepare so no alcohol for my husband till I get pregnant 😑 and of course no alcohol and coffee for me...

Our consultant ask us to start Proxeed Plus for my husband, have you ever heard of it? He is taking it without me even asking!

Take a good break And please have fait ❤️ We will have a better round this time. Xxx

Proxeed worked for one of my friends who had very poor sperm quality. He now has a one year old xx

Mara84 in reply to Purplewitch18

Aww very sweet of you to let me know. Keeping my finger crossed, hope you are having a good day xxx

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