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Endo, bowel, major vessel and ivf

Does anyone here have any issues involving their bowel and blood vessels. I have been told that one of the major blood vessels has been fused to my bowel (the endo is also in many many other places such as tubes of kidney / bladder, and usual places - stage IV).

We've had one very long, drawn out, and unsuccessful IVF cycle (3 years since our first egg collection). We are due to start our second and I'm terrified of what the drugs will do to me. I'm currently in an ok place on prostap so it seems a little strange to think I'm going to encourage my body to do something I've been stoping it from doing.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hi sb2015. Ouch you were certainly sitting on the front row when endometriosis was dished out!! Hopefully, the prostap will quieten it all down before you start stimulating, but if it is that bad you may need a second dose. I'm sure they will get you regulated during this cycle, so trust your specialist. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane


Thanks Diane, if you know anyone with these specific issues please can you send them my way.

It would be good to hear what their experience was and which way they would recommend I approach this, if at all.


Hello, I don't have experience of your blood vessel issue but I do have endo of the bowel and throughout my pelvic cavity but bowel and bladder particularly bad - it's stage 3. I managed to get pregnant on my third round of IVF. I really scraped through each cycle with 1 embryo per cycle to transfer and so it can be done, please don't give up hope!

For my second cycle I was on decapeptyl (which I think is the same kind of drug as prostrap) before hand and it was fine I didn't feel I had a flare up of symptoms when I started the IVF cycle. I'm really not sure why it worked on my third cycle but I had been following a strict endo diet which seemed to improve my bowel pain and inflammation and I had been taking bee propolis - there is small study that supports it's use to increase fertility for endometriosis patients. Not to be taken once you start stimulation drugs though and I did seek advice from a herbalist before taking it. I also had a herbal tincture from the herbalist to try and help with the endo. Who knows what helped!

Are you about to start a fresh cycle and how much IVF have you had in the past? I really wish you all the very best. Not sure how much help my comments are in relation to your situation but please do get back in touch if you have any questions.

Moogs : )


How did you find your symptoms once you were pregnant and things started to stretch.

Yes, about to start a fresh cycle (2nd cycle). First one went:

1. OHSS (unable to return and had to freeze 3)

2. Lining not thick enough (couldn't proceed)

3. Transferred 1 (unsuccessful)

4. Lining not thick enough (couldn't proceed)

5. Transferred 2 (unsuccessful)

Cycle 1 finished.

I have never had any contact with anyone who as mentioned the same bowel/ blood vessel issue so it is difficult to have any point if reference (I know we are all different, but I can't believe I am the only one).


My symptoms have been good during my pregnancy. I did initially have a small bit of bladder and bowel pain/discomfort but it was very manageable and it was really minimal compared to what I had been experiencing before pregnancy and before I had been on the decapeptyl and it only lasted for my first few weeks. I'm at 35 weeks now and don't think I've experienced anything in relation to stretching that is outwith normal discomfort. I was worried about this too but it's been fine. I hope you find someone who has a more similar experience.

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Thanks for your insights Moogs. Really appreciated x


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