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IVF with ICSI round 2

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Preparing for IVF round number 2 after failed first attempt back in November. I am gong to be 41 in Sept and losing faith daily. Any things I can do to help me with attachment?

I eat relatively healthy, play netball at min twice a week every week, don't smoke, rarely drink eats lots of greens and fruit.

My last cycle failed not sure why has 2 5 day blastocyst embryos transferred and no eggs left to freeze :( Eating lots of avocado as heard this was a superfood in the fertility world. No possible chance on natural pregnancy .

We have been advised ICSI this time even though hubby sperm is fine, struggling with this idea as I am unsure why we have been advised of ICSI but am willing if it gives a better chance. Also am taking 75 mg of aspirin as read this could help anyone else heard of this?

We are finding all on our own and it really isn't a cheap process this is my last attempt hopefully with eggs to freeze.

Thanks for listening

Have a great day ๐Ÿ˜˜

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I think you was unfortunate .

Eating healthy is brilliant , but don't over excercise as you don't want to put your body under too much pressure . It's good been fit but not overly fit.

They maybe doing Icsi to try and get a better grade embryo by selecting the strongest looking sperm. They may even change your drugs to try and get a polished egg.

i would advise not to get hot baths or use hot water bottles after embryo transfer the doctor told us this can be very bad. Eat plenty of good food including lots of greens such as spinach etc

Take folic acid and vitamin d daily. You can buy these from boots combines and are cheaper than buying separately. this is for both female and male .

It will work !!!!

All the best

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Thank you so much mrandmrsx. Here hoping xxx


I had problem with attachment on 2 cycles. This time I had the endometrial scratch and I'm so pleased to say that I've got my BFP yesterday! I also went to have some maya massage and took 2 weeks off work after egg collection. We also had a 3 day transfer so I'm so pleased it has worked. My clinic was also able to select the best embryos by watching them develop on camera which could have played a part. To be honest, my consultant told us it was a lottery and although it is to an extent, I do think there are factors that do contribute. I had 2 frozens blasts transferred in May and neither stuck.

I hope this helps you a bit.


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Hello, do you mind asking me at what point did you get the scratch? My clinic doesn't offer the scratch, but I'm thinking of getting it done privately elsewhere - but keep seeing different things about the timing. Thanks!

Lynky in reply to SparklyT


I had the scratch on day 21 of my previous month so in and around the same time as I started on the suprefact down reg injection.


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Thanks very much x

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Hey hon

Scratch was done hair before we started taking buserlin injection



Thanks my lovely we too he the scratch just very unlucky and lottery win wasn't fornus that time here's hoping luck shines on us this time round.

Good luck with your pregnancy xx

It doesn't sound like you did too bad getting 2 5 day blastocysts on your own.

We had icsi for our first cycle and to be honest we weren't concerned about it being this way as they pick the best ones.

I was told:

No caffeine/alcohol

Low sugar intake

Low carb, high protein

2 litres of water a day

My clinic used to advise 1 litre of milk a day too, but they now say part of your daily diet in drinks, cereals etc.

Avoid snacking inbetween main meals as it's got something to do with your body trying to break the snacking down when it should be concentrating on growing your follicles.

They said if you need to snack then seeds or nuts are ok.

I haven't drunk milk on its own for years, so I had some milkshakes, yoghurts and cheese on most days.

Mainly stuck to fish, meat, veg and fruit, but did have some carbs as you still have to be happy in yourself whilst you are going through the treatment!

I also got some Danio yoghurts and Upbeat drinks as they are high in protein

Off the top of my head, the only other thing I did during stimming was had a hot water bottle on my belly in the evening as warmth is meant to be good for the follicles before collection.

We had 12 eggs collected

10 eggs injected with icsi

4 eggs fertilised

All 4 got to day 5

1x day 5 hatching blastocyst transferred and the clinic use embryo glue as a standard

1x day 5 blastocyst was frozen

The other 2 were not quite at the right stage on day 5 so they were given another day to get to freezing criteria but it didn't work

After transfer I:

Took time off work

Kept my diet food and drinks similar to what I had been doing but had some "naughty" foods too!!

No hot water bottles

No hot baths

No over exercising

Are you having any acupuncture?

I was having it pre ivf and then had it during the stimming time, before collection and then before/after on the day of transfer.

I also got the zita west CD's and listened to them at bed time.

Do you take vitamins/Pregnacare?

We got a positive on Monday and were expecting the first cycle to be a test run really!! It doesn't mean that I'm still not concerned about things and don't quite believe it, but you will get there!


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Hi lovey

That's a lot going on. Doing all the pregnaxare vitamins with hubby and exercising.

Not starting tilApril but will note all you said. Going to do some acupuncture too ๐Ÿ˜˜


It sounds like you are doing everything possible physically to help yourself - you sound very healthy! I would say make sure you make time for yourself and enjoy the occasional treat - whatever that might be for you - as you need to stay sane and relaxed too! I think if you read everything online about what to do/not do or eat/not eat you will go insane. I decided just to go off what the clinic said as it was simpler and less to remember! If only all parents-to-be were so careful about their health :-) xxx

With regards ICSI, this is a real positive. My understanding is that they use ICSI with most people now, irrespective of the fertility issue, just because it gives the best possible outcomes - they select the very best sperm and inject directly into the egg - brilliant!

With regards your age, remember - your fertility does not just "drop off" when you reach a certain age, in spite of what the media would have us believe (which makes me very cross!). It is different for everyone. Even if you have less eggs (as we know we all do as get older) that doesn't mean that your body is not perfectly equipped to carry an embryo to term, once those eggs have been collected and fertilised.

Wishing you lots of love and luck. Just try to relax and go with the flow if you can, don't put too much pressure on yourself. We can only control so much of this whole mind boggling process!


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Hey honey

Thanks for that and you are so right everyone has their ways of doing things....so much going on with the process.

Just going to start with a positive mind, and stay away from stress had a lot going on last time this time things will be different. Got anoth 6 to 8 weeks before we start the injections hoping in the last 5 months not too much has changed and we will get eggs with some to freeze.

Wishing you lots of luck and love xxxx

Hi tamtam1, as one of the other ladies mentioned I would ask your clinic about embryo glue, the stickier the better. All the luck in the world to you both x

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Asked already they don't do it just hoping we are good to go this time less stress and ready for the journey better prepard than last time


Hopefully it'll work this time.

I've recently turned 42 and had a wobble around my birthday as it reminded me of the natural pregnancies that ended in miscarriage, 2 and 3 years ago.

Our first round of ICSI failed and the consultant didn't know why, he did say although my fertility results were good for my age I have to remember that my eggs are 41 years old. It does seem like a lottery. We're starting our second round very soon.

I wish you every success with your next round.


My darling

My fingers toes and everything are crossed for the both of us.

Good luck xxxx

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