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Reflexology, what are your thoughts?

Hi everyone.

I tried Accupuncture in our first fresh cycle, unfortunately we weren’t successful and we’re due to go again next month for an FET.

I have had a lot of recommendations to look into reflexology since and decided that I was going to give it a go! I’ll try anything at this point.

I have my appointment tomorrow and she did a nutritional deficiency test via a hair sample and recomended a few of the products below, i’ll List them so you can see her advice.

“I advise you to take the following supplements: Nutrivital Super Anitox - This has an abudnance of vitmains & minerals to boost the immune system which is needed for good reproductive health. This supplement is a great all rounder for reproductive health because it has Vitamin C, E, Selenium, Zinc, co-enzyme Q10.

You also need a Fatty Acid which is also needed for reproductive health, I advise Nutrivital Starflower GLA, this is a high strength fatty acid.

You also need a probiotic (good bacteria for the gut)

I also advise clients to take Co-Enzyme Q10 which you're already taking, however the Nutrivtial Antiox has a small amount incorporated in there”

Does anyone have any experience with reflexology and any thoughts on the recommended suplements.

Thank you

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Hi Misesp, sorry about your failed cycle. I’m also starting FET next month 😊 Your supplements seems to be good, the Anitox is full of antioxidants; not sure about the Starflower as the most valuable fatty acid is omega 3 from the fish but I guess it’s still good. The best absorbable co-enzyme Q10 is ubiquinol.

I have also had hair test done some time ago but afterwards I’ve read that are a bit controversial because some minerals deposit in soft tissues differently than in organs and also some heavy metals might be hidden and their levels can raise after detox. It’s quite hard to interpret the results, I have done detox and had my hair checked again and at least my mercury was lower which is important for fertility but other heavy metals were higher!

I’m thinking about trying reflexology, need to do some research. Best wishes for your cycle xx


Thanks for your message. I had a session today and it did make me feel very relaxed, so I guess that’s a good thing in itself.

Im not sure if I’ll continue you with it though. I just wasn’t too sure. Iv since been reading that it tries to balance out your hormones etc which kind of goes against everything the ivf is attempting to do...

still on the fence! Good luck on your FET, have you started on your drugs yet? I start injections next Saturday. Is this your first FET? X


I’m starting Norethisterone this Friday and Buserelin injections next Friday. It’s my first FET, I had 2 failed fresh cycles.

I had some reflexology couple of years ago when I was still trying naturally. It didn’t help me to get pregnant but it was very nice. Not sure if it’s worth the money though. I had acupuncture during my first IVF cycle and I’m not sure about it either. I found the needles in my legs very painful that’s why I thought maybe I would try reflexology this time. But it’s not cheap and also that means to run to other appointments which can be tricky to fit around my full time job and clinic appointments! And you are right, it helps to balance the hormones but during ivf this isn’t needed... X


Looks like will be starting around the same time. Good luck, hope this one is successful for you xx


Thanks and same to you xx


I had it for a few months prior to a fet. I didn’t get my bfp but I did find it SO relaxing so I think it was worth trying. Good luck xx


Yes it did make me feel very relaxed.

I did Accupuncture with my fresh cycle, and as I said that one wasn’t successful so I’m a little on the fence about trying something like this throughout the treatment.


Sorry to hear you weren’t successful. How did your FET go?


Hi MISESP. I know it's good for relaxation and blood flow to your ovaries. That's a lot of supplements! Maybe check with your specialist whether you need them all. I would give the reflexology a go and good luck! Diane


Thank you Diane. Yes I was a little sceptical about all of the supplements and I don’t think I’ll be taking anything additional to what I already am and have discussed with my specialist.

I was very relaxed but on the fence about doing anything that’s attempting to balance out hormones as I feel the medicated ivf goes against natural fertility, if that makes sense.


Hi. It effeminately makes sense, as some of these alternative therapies can interact with IVF medication, hence always keep your specialist in the know. Diane


Oops! Spellcheck went mad! I meant definitely!!! Diane


Hello😊 sorry about your failed cycle! Fingers crossed for you next month! I have no advice on supplements but I had reflexology last year when I was going through ivf. I went for 1 of the scans to check how my eggs were coming along and my body wasnt responding to the drugs very well. My overys weren't producing enough eggs. I booked a reflexology appointment (she specialised in fertility and pregnancy) and at my next scan (3 days later) there were alot more eggs! I ended up getting 6 eggs that fertalised and went for more reflexology appointments after as can help with implantation and we got our bfp 2 weeks later!💖 we now have a beautiful baby girl now 4 months old💖 Good luck with your FET🤞 xx


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