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Hi all

Thought it would write and share my experience with reflexology. So I went for my first session yesterday. I'm not that type of person that believes in this kind of thing. I tried accupuncture and I honestly just felt like I was been conned when he said my fertile gland was blocked and he needed to unblock it with a needle. He also just put his hands on my arms to feel my pulse and could somehow miraculously tell my fertility. I was really not buying it! lol but maybe that was me having a bad experience with it. So I was a little unsure of reflexology too but I've got to say it felt a lot more worthwhile than accupuncture and I came out so relaxed which can only be a good thing. Not sure I really believe in this stuff but there's got to be some benefit from massages and relaxation so think I'll keep it up for a bit, while i can afford it! Xxx

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  • I've never had reflexology, but I am all in favour of relaxing as much as possible! What happens during a session?

  • Sounds encouraging! I've never had it either, would be very interested in knowing exactly what happened during your session and how long was the session? xoxo

  • My session was about an hour and a half. Each foot got about 30 mins massage where she just applied pressure and kneeded knots out where she could feel tension. She said that different parts of the foot were connected to different parts of the body. I'm not sure I believe that!! But nevertheless it so super relaxing which can only be a good thing. Like having a back massage but on my feet!

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply, sounds lovely.. my feet are now aching to be touched lol. I love massages anyway and this sounds very relaxing xoxo

  • Hi Bec-A. That's great to hear, and so pleased it has relaxed you. Mention it to your consultant when you go back, as they don't always want you to have the two treatments together, especially if oils are involved at all. You enjoy it. Diane

  • Hi Bec-A I am also having reflexology whilst having my ivf treatment. Have had three sessions so far. I am axactly the same as you...not sure if I actually believe in it and have also had acupuncture before and didn't think it was worth while. I have had the same mind set where by it probably isn't doing any harm and if nothing else it's a relaxing hour where I can just sit and have my feet rubbed. My reflexologist has said some funny things like being able to communicate with unborn babies πŸ€” But also said I had good lining which I did and told me I have about 6-7 good follicles when I went on Tuesday - had my EC this morning and they got 7 eggs!!! So who knows if it was just a lucky guess?! Will continue while I can afford it like you said πŸ’Έ Good luck with everything! Xx

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