Hi there - we have been TTC for 3 years and no joy yet. All tests have come back normal for both of us, better than normal in fact for me. I've tried acupuncture but I don't think it really did much for me - I wasn't really impressed by the practitioner anyway as I don't think she was a fertility expert so didn't have a huge amount of experience in this area. Anyway, last week I tried reflexology and I loved it. She told me loads of things after that may be issues, small niggly things really that I didn't think were important before but I've now changed my diet to help. Has anyone has reflexology and has it improved chances? All I read about is how great acupuncture is, but there is very little on reflexology.

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  • I've not heard- but would be interested to hear from others! What sort of diet changes did she recommend? X

  • I was really impressed to be honest, I purposely didn't tell her much but she picked up on neck pain I often get as well as poor digestion particularly relating to my movements (if u know what I mean!!) among other things She said I was quite healthy but my lymphatic system was sluggish which clears out toxins, which I completely believe is what is hindering our success. She suggested cutting out caffeine completely and trying to eat more natural foods as well as cutting back on cosmetics. I've been doing this and think I'm in detox mode as really bad headache among other things. Having a HSG this Thurs then back for reflexology on Fri so hopefully I'll be super fertile next week during ovulation :D xxx

  • Hi yes I did it for on and off 6 months. She recommended a more alkaline diet which makes the body a more healthy environment. And picked up on minor health issues that a doctor never would have. I got my first BFP with the help of reflexology I hope it works for you too xx

  • I'm not sure it necessary increases your chances but I really enjoy reflexology and it held me relax which is always a positive thing when ttc

    Good luck! X

  • Hi Lilli79. Pleased to hear that the reflexology is helping you. Make sure you mention any oils etc used when you go through treatment, as they can sometimes interfere with fertility drugs. Good luck! Diane

  • Sounds like the things she is recommending are similar to what Rebecca Fett suggests in her book "it starts with the egg". I'm currently following her recommendations and am doing no caffeine and organic toiletries etc. I had reflexology once years ago for back pain and was very impressed but can't have it now as have (whisper it) veruccas. As soon as I get rid of them I am booking... it's really annoying as there's a fertility expert reflexologist just down the road but she won't treat me till I've got rid of my little problem!

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